Friday, 15 January 2016

Farewell Alan Rickman

A man of great presence on stage and screen.
Outstanding, charismatic talent with a distinctive voice like rich, liquid honey.
Another legend gone at 69.
Too soon.
He will be missed.


  1. what is happening? we are losing so many now.
    i liked him best in 'love actually.'
    and a small gem of a film not very well known...
    i can't even remember the name of it. he was meeting an old flame (emma thompson) at a restaurant...
    it was a beautiful performance.
    and oh... so many others. that voice.
    he will be missed.

    1. It seems we are losing the very best and brightest.
      He and Emma always acted beautifully together.
      As Colonel Brandon, in Sense and Sensibility, he had my heart.
      He had a voice that resonated deeply.

  2. I've been out most of the day so only heard about this an hour ago.
    We are losing too many of the best people at too young an age.

    1. It is sad.
      To lose two talented and much loved souls within a week.
      Too young, too soon.

  3. It seems to happen in groups doesn't it? We lose one, and another goes within the week.
    Sad that they are gone, thankful that we had them.

    1. Their absence will be felt sorely.
      We were indeed fortunate.

  4. Incredibly sad news.
    Another brilliant creative person gone.
    Both to Cancer.
    I just don't understand why they can't find a cure yet.
    It breaks my heart.

    1. I agree, he was brilliant.
      Hate that we are losing so many people in the world.

      Oh, I believe they have cures. But they keep us all on the big pharma treadmill.
      We're too lucrative to them when sick...

  5. Just couldn't believe the news... And here we began the new year re-visiting all the Harry Potter films for fun. He will be sorely missed, he gave so richly in each role he created. And that voice... his presence... *swoon*... And then the loss of David Bowie just days before... A sad start to 2016. So good to be here catching up with your, dear Vicki. I've been in a post-holidays slump and tech woes rabbit whole... ((HUGS))

    1. A sad start indeed.

      Oh dear, tech problems can be so frustrating. I hope they are fixed soon, Tracy.

  6. I was so saddened when I heard of Alan Rickman's passing. He was the only person worth watching in Costner's remake of "Robin Hood." Blew Costner right out of the, movie. And his Colonel Brandon...oh, I would have run away with that man in a heartbeat! He is missed.



    1. You and I think alike, Victoria.
      He illuminated every movie he was in.
      As for his Colonel Brandon... oh, yes.

  7. I read Tammy's recent post about you so came to visit. I'll be checking out your art and blog. Love your animals.

    1. Hi Sandy, and welcome :)
      Thank you for your kind comment.


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