Sunday, 18 September 2016


Jack came home yesterday.

Looking at this small box, it’s hard to believe that it contains that warm, ebullient, intelligent, adorable boy with the silky, silver blue fur that I loved to bury my face into.
I know it doesn’t hold his spirit. That part of him has always been with me.

But, it is the only tangible thing I have of him now... that and the enduring love and precious memories of fifteen special years together.

The pain is still raw.  The heartache immense.
The shower has washed so many tears and sobs from me, to the point where I thought I could cry no more.
But humans have tears in an unending supply, and they seem to simmer ever so slightly below the surface at such dark times.

I know the pain will lessen, in time. And I will one day be able to smile when I think of him instead.

This spring, the garden is filled with pretty forget-me-nots.
Blue flowers for my blue boy.

I picked a posy and placed them by his side.

Sleep well my darling boy ~ you will never, ever be forgotten.

THANK YOU so much for your beautiful comments and words of comfort on my previous post.  I appreciate them so very much.
Love and hugs to you all  xxx

Saturday, 3 September 2016

He's gone

My darling Jack.

I can count on less than five fingers the times I’ve been away from you for more than a day in these fifteen years together.
We have travelled thousands of miles across this huge country, and lived in many different places.
My constant companion, cheerleader, keeper of secrets, studio supervisor and very best friend.

But the tyranny of time caught up with you, and wore your old body down.  Not your spirit though, not that.

Throughout these many years, you gifted me with so much love, so many laughs, such unwavering loyalty and bountiful precious memories.
And, you made me a better person.
The very least I could do was give you the ultimate gift in return… that of peace.

And so now, after all these seasons, I must walk alone without you by my side.
I have lost my shadow.

Beautiful boy, I know you won’t be crossing the rainbow bridge – how can you? You’ve never wanted to go anywhere without me.
No, you’re still here, sleeping in my heart, waiting.

And when it comes time to cross a bridge, I’ll be with you, and we’ll go together.

Sleep well my darling.