Monday, 25 November 2013

Sights, delights and a Grimm reminder

Yesterday, before I headed into the studio for the day, hubby and I took Jack for a "sensory overload" walk.

Lots to smell and explore.

As the nocturnal creatures of the forest slumber for the day, their recent tracks provide a never ending delight for him.

Too distracted to sit still for a photo when the forest is alive with sights, sounds and smells :)

We didn't have time for a "sit down" coffee, so decided to get take away.
As hubby headed off to the cafe, I turned and saw something you don't see every day - well, I don't anyway :)

Curiosity overtook me and I had to stop the gentleman with the donkeys.

To my delight, there atop one of the donkeys, as comfy as can be, was a wee doggy! With the cutest face, and, as I was about to find out, sweetest disposition.

I was introduced to the wonderful trio - Edward (on the left), Francesca (on the right) and their canine companion, Hayley.

As a long-time fan of the Brothers Grimm, I was reminded of the tale, The Town Musicians of Bremen.
I've linked to the story here.

The dog in the sculpture looks a little like Jack.

All they needed now was a cat and a rooster to complete their own picture of the fairytale.
I doubt little Hayley could handle the combined weight of a cat and a rooster on her tiny back :)

It turns out, that Francesca and Edward were attending a school fete for the morning, giving rides to the local children.

Although, personally, I think Edward would much rather have the tiny Hayley on his back, for they seemed inseparable.

What a delightful way to start my busy day!


And, I'd be remiss if I didn't pass on a big "thank you" from Jack to all of you lovely people who sent him words of comfort... and loads of hugs!
He appreciates them very much.

Monday, 18 November 2013

A message from Jack

If you think I look a little forlorn, you'd be right.
I am.

I feel sorely neglected and have been spending lots of time sleeping on mum and dad's bed and the couch and in the doorway to mum's studio.

She has been spending an awful lot of time in there as she makes lots of things.
So many, I've lost count.
And interest... because they take her away from me.

I've been staying up into the dark night, keeping one eye on her for signs that she's ready to go to bed. But, the nights seem to be getting later and later.

She keeps muttering something about, "market deadlines" when dad looks in on her.
I just look up at him, and he down at me, and we sigh.

And, I heard her say the other day, that she is so sad that she hasn't been able to read all of her lovely favourite blogs, and comment on their posts.

I think she really misses you all.
She sure has a lot of catching up to do.

Oh well, I'm still getting fed. That's the main thing.
And, at least I get to go on walks and visit my favourite posts, and read the wee-mail.

But, between you and me, I'll be glad when all this Christmas clay stuff is over, and she can go back to fussing over me as much as she used to.

Bah, Humbug.

Monday, 4 November 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Only 51 47 days to go!

Uh huh, I said it. Shudder.

And what's with the song titles? Jeez Louise.

The months, weeks, days are flying by, aren't they? Or is it just me, as I get older :)

Thoughts of "the big day", begin much earlier in the year for me as I plan, create, bisque, glaze, continually fire and put the finishing touches to my ceramics for the round of pre-Christmas markets.
And, because I sell many various styles of tree ornaments, along with my usual pieces, there is so much to do.

On Saturday, I attended the very popular Red Hill - well known as the "grand dame" of Victoria's craft markets.
My table was laden with the first of my Christmas goodies, with a great range to choose from.

The pavilions and vast grounds were filled to brimming with colourful stalls and marquees, creating a fantastic atmosphere. And the day was blessed with blue skies and sunshine, enticing people from miles away.

Market trading hours were 8am to 1pm. I sold almost all of my stock by 11:30! Incredible!
There were hardly any times to sit for a spell in between customers. So many lovely people, patiently waiting to buy.
I feel truly honoured and so, so grateful to them all.

Such a wonderful (and welcome) change from the quiet of mid-winter markets, when customers, and purchases, are considerably less.

I can see I will be, "under the pump" to produce much, much more for the rest of the holiday season.
I'm fighting the (slightly) rising panic that I might have bitten off more than I can chew in accepting, and pre-paying stall fees for, so many back to back markets in the coming weeks.

Oh well, sink or swim, here I go. I've got my inflatable armbands, AKA, "floaties" on, so I don't intend to go under, heh heh.

I'll probably continue to be a little scarce here in blogland, as I step up production.
I'll touch base with you, dear blog friends, and leave comments whenever I come up for air - oh dear, does that mean I'll be under water after all? Better not have a puncture in those floaties :)

Warm wishes to you all. See you soon!