Monday, 25 November 2013

Sights, delights and a Grimm reminder

Yesterday, before I headed into the studio for the day, hubby and I took Jack for a "sensory overload" walk.

Lots to smell and explore.

As the nocturnal creatures of the forest slumber for the day, their recent tracks provide a never ending delight for him.

Too distracted to sit still for a photo when the forest is alive with sights, sounds and smells :)

We didn't have time for a "sit down" coffee, so decided to get take away.
As hubby headed off to the cafe, I turned and saw something you don't see every day - well, I don't anyway :)

Curiosity overtook me and I had to stop the gentleman with the donkeys.

To my delight, there atop one of the donkeys, as comfy as can be, was a wee doggy! With the cutest face, and, as I was about to find out, sweetest disposition.

I was introduced to the wonderful trio - Edward (on the left), Francesca (on the right) and their canine companion, Hayley.

As a long-time fan of the Brothers Grimm, I was reminded of the tale, The Town Musicians of Bremen.
I've linked to the story here.

The dog in the sculpture looks a little like Jack.

All they needed now was a cat and a rooster to complete their own picture of the fairytale.
I doubt little Hayley could handle the combined weight of a cat and a rooster on her tiny back :)

It turns out, that Francesca and Edward were attending a school fete for the morning, giving rides to the local children.

Although, personally, I think Edward would much rather have the tiny Hayley on his back, for they seemed inseparable.

What a delightful way to start my busy day!


And, I'd be remiss if I didn't pass on a big "thank you" from Jack to all of you lovely people who sent him words of comfort... and loads of hugs!
He appreciates them very much.


  1. What a wonderful start to your day. I would have been smiling (face-achingly wide) for ages. I do love donkeys, and love Edwards friend too. What a truly wonderful interlude in your busyness. And I do hope the end of that activity is at least in sight.

    1. I was indeed smiling for ages - such gentle creatures. And Hayley was sooo sweet.

      No end in sight yet. Big festival this Saturday, followed by three big and busy markets every week before Christmas.
      And, the first weekend in January, I'll be attending another big New Year craft market.

      Sigh. No rest for me - I must be very wicked ;)

  2. How sweet are those donkeys! I love that teeny, tiny dog standing on that donkey's back... haha! And sweet Jack--a grand day out for him. :o) Thanks for taking us along, Vicki. ((HUGS))

    1. It was a sweet surprise indeed.
      Jack slept soundly the rest of the day :)

  3. That's so sweet! I haven't heard the Bremen Musicians in such a long time. I'll have to look it up.
    I vaguely remember hearing a little of it from my mum.

    1. It's a nice tale - I've put a link to the story here at my post just above the image of the sculpture, for easy reference :)

  4. Nothing like seeing a little dog on the back of a donkey to make your day - it made mine too :)

    1. It certainly does. Even now, days later, I have a big smile when I think of this trio. Very cute :)

    only i thought it was summer there. it looks like a very cool misty rainy day. everybody wearing 'jackets?' i like the pockets built into the donkey's bathrobes!
    and jack? even looking AWAY from the camera... he's just so beautiful. smelling all those great forest smells! and then napping happily! LOL.
    oh what a beautiful life you live you dear girl.

    1. Summer is definitely ramping up down here in Oz. Recently, there have been terrible bushfires in NSW - on the east coast.
      But, here on the mountain, it is milder up until Christmas... then the heat hits, and it's usually pretty horrible.
      So, I'm enjoying the cool early summer for now. Even today, it's been raining gently all day. Bliss.

      Take care little wren xxx

  6. Those are the sweetest photos! I love donkeys, and Edward and Francesca (love those names) are just adorable, as is tiny Haley. And, of course, darling Jack...give him another hug from me!



    1. There is something "special" about donkeys isn't there?
      They really are a gorgeous group of friends. Watching their gentle interactions with eachother was so sweet.
      Hug to Jack delivered :)

  7. That's SO cool!! I haven't seen many donkeys - not sure why - and NEVER one with a small dog on it's back!!! Maybe the donkeys would be happier if the owner just showed off the dog on their backs and let the onlookers pose for photos with them!! I'm not in the habit of hugging strange dogs ... but Jack may derive some comfort from the fact he's now got sympathisers from around the country - and the world!

    1. It was a treat to see this cute trio appear. And, I'm sure they'd rather be at home in their paddock hanging out and enjoying each others company.

      Aww, Jack truly is a huggable boy. He loves a cuddle and appreciates all the comments he gets from the lovely people in blogland :)

  8. just checking on you! and see here that you're alive and well and BUSY ~ no doubt about it !!!
    if there hadn't been a reply to red nomad oz here ~ i'd probably have worried! LOL.
    am doing fine. got invited to go with the marine to christmas in albuquerque where his son and family are! YAYYYY!
    it's high desert country . . . mountains all around. so beautiful! only gone for 4 days but i'll take it!
    stay well darling girl. try to rest just a little!
    love across the shining sea. huge hugs to you and jack. ♥
    . . . furrever. xoxo

    1. Hey Tam! No rest for the wicked here!! I'm hoping to post and catchup in a day or so. Been so, so busy, aargh!

      Lovely to hear that you're well and enjoying a jaunt to the stunning desert country. Sounds awesome.

      Take care little wren. Talk to you soon.
      Furever xxx

  9. Hi Vicki, I've just found you from Victoria @ Brushstrokes. Wow ! I thought she lived in a wonderful place, but what beautiful countryside you live in, I loved seeing the donkeys, & the one with the cute little dog on it's back, adorable. I love seeing amusing things like this, it brought a smile to my face. I live in rural France and just my daily shopping or stopping at a little bar for coffee I see similar things. I now try to remember to always have my little aim & shoot camera with me, as I've missed so many incidents.
    Love your best friend Jack. I will enjoy following your daily events.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      welcome, and thank you for your lovely comment :)
      So glad you enjoyed the photos.
      It's so wonderful that you live in beautiful rural France - I look forward to popping over to your blog and seeing the wonderful photos of places and faces that you take.
      Isn't it great that we can now have little cameras that open up a whole world of perspectives to share here in blogland?
      Thank you also for your kind words about my boy Jack, he's my little shadow :)


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