Monday, 18 November 2013

A message from Jack

If you think I look a little forlorn, you'd be right.
I am.

I feel sorely neglected and have been spending lots of time sleeping on mum and dad's bed and the couch and in the doorway to mum's studio.

She has been spending an awful lot of time in there as she makes lots of things.
So many, I've lost count.
And interest... because they take her away from me.

I've been staying up into the dark night, keeping one eye on her for signs that she's ready to go to bed. But, the nights seem to be getting later and later.

She keeps muttering something about, "market deadlines" when dad looks in on her.
I just look up at him, and he down at me, and we sigh.

And, I heard her say the other day, that she is so sad that she hasn't been able to read all of her lovely favourite blogs, and comment on their posts.

I think she really misses you all.
She sure has a lot of catching up to do.

Oh well, I'm still getting fed. That's the main thing.
And, at least I get to go on walks and visit my favourite posts, and read the wee-mail.

But, between you and me, I'll be glad when all this Christmas clay stuff is over, and she can go back to fussing over me as much as she used to.

Bah, Humbug.


  1. Poor, poor Jack. She loves you still - to the max and beyond and will come back to you. As she will to the blogosphere where she will be greeted with smiles and wagging tails.
    Now tell her to look after herself...

    1. Yes, I'll admit, I'm a lucky pup - and spoilt :)
      Note to mum delivered.

    2. Yes, Jack, your lot is a hard one, but still you love; it is what dogs do.

    3. It's what I do best - being a loyal friend to my mum and giving heaps of shmooshie kisses :)

  2. This will pass Jack and mum will be all yours again for a while at least.
    I hope she is getting enough rest.

    1. I look forward to having mum all to myself again.
      She is pretty tired - looks like another late one again tonight :(

  3. aaawww... sweet Jack! You Mum will be all yours again after December 25th. ;o) Hang in there, buddy. Lots of cuddles coming your way from us here in the Far North. ((HUGS))

    1. Mum told me she will have two huge markets in the New Year too. So she won't be all mine until February.
      Thanks for the cuddles :)

  4. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to you, darling Jack! I think my cats feel the same way sometimes. Tell your mom not to work too hard, and to take lots of breaks to give you hugs!

    1. Aww, thank you for the hugs - I can always do with more hugs.
      Mum's just not listening, and continues to work into the nights.

      Oh well, I will continue with the silent moral support, I know she appreciates that :)

  5. oh my darling blue jack.
    blue in every way from the way it sounds! your beautiful face is so expressive. those eyes say it all.
    tell your mom it's okay if she never reads another blog so long as she has time for YOU! for blue bear hugs and walks and treats and love love love.
    my mantra lately was "this too shall pass."
    this too shall pass my sweet boy. and she will be all yours again!
    stay well puppy. we love you so.
    and your busy mom too!

    1. I was treated to an extra special outing yesterday, before mum disappeared to her studio for the day.
      There were lots of yummy smells and new places to explore - mum calls it "sensory overload".

      When we came home, I slept for the day and had lots of dreams :)

      Wet nose smooches and licks to you xxx

    2. should have known . . . even as I wrote it! you have the GREATEST MOM there is!!!! XOXOXO


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