Sunday, 18 September 2016


Jack came home yesterday.

Looking at this small box, it’s hard to believe that it contains that warm, ebullient, intelligent, adorable boy with the silky, silver blue fur that I loved to bury my face into.
I know it doesn’t hold his spirit. That part of him has always been with me.

But, it is the only tangible thing I have of him now... that and the enduring love and precious memories of fifteen special years together.

The pain is still raw.  The heartache immense.
The shower has washed so many tears and sobs from me, to the point where I thought I could cry no more.
But humans have tears in an unending supply, and they seem to simmer ever so slightly below the surface at such dark times.

I know the pain will lessen, in time. And I will one day be able to smile when I think of him instead.

This spring, the garden is filled with pretty forget-me-nots.
Blue flowers for my blue boy.

I picked a posy and placed them by his side.

Sleep well my darling boy ~ you will never, ever be forgotten.

THANK YOU so much for your beautiful comments and words of comfort on my previous post.  I appreciate them so very much.
Love and hugs to you all  xxx


  1. Heart felt hugs and oceans of caring.
    And some shared tears.

  2. The box is so beautiful, very worthy of such an outstanding boy as Jack was. I love that you have forget-me-nots growing in your garden, so you can keep some beside Jack.

    1. Thank you River, I'm glad I chose to have a sweet box like this for Jack.

      I've never had so many of these little flowers throughout the garden as there are this spring.
      It's as if they were meant to be for, and from, him xx

  3. tears shining now. seeing his little box and the forget me nots.
    such perfectly named flowers in his honor.
    and as you say...
    it's just as if they are meant to be for and from him.
    he'll be with you now always vicki. just as it should be.
    love you. and your beloved jack. XO♥

  4. Forget Me Nots...perfect. ((((((((((((((((((((( Vicki ))))))))))))))))))))))))

    1. They are perfect, Victoria - a gift from my boy, I believe.
      Thank you for the huge hug xxx

  5. I have no doubt that Jack sent you Forget-me-nots.
    Although he knows you never will.
    Still, what a beautiful way to send you a message that he's still there with you.
    I's nice that you had him cremated.
    That way he's with you when you move.
    That's why I did that with my Ruby
    although others are sprinkle in the flower beds.
    My Maddie's ashes are to be mixed with my own ashes someday and to be thrown to the wind,
    so we will be together again.
    Yep... the pain lessens but....
    the heart will always hurt.
    That's the price we pay for have the luck of finding our soulmate dogs.

    1. Thank you dear Cindi. Yes, you know xx

      I couldn't bear having Jack buried here - not when we plan to move in the near future. I'd feel as though I was leaving him behind.
      Jack will be with me when I go too.


  6. I'm going to cry again. Ugh ...

    There are no further words I can offer in comfort except to say 'a big hug is hurtling your way from across the ditch.'

    1. Thank you dear Wendy.
      The love from a hug speaks louder than words, and are so appreciated.

  7. Sweet Jack... oh, no... Dear Vicki, I am sooo terribly sad for your great loss!! I'm so sorry to be late to offer a piece of my heart here in sympathy and solidarity. It is such a hard thing to lose a pet, a fur-friend. Such beautiful tribute here to him. His box so lovely... And I'm so glas you will be taking Jack with you when you move. I think he definitely approves that! :) Times like these, word seem not enough to hold what the heart feels... Please know that you & your family are in my thoughts and prayers extra much right now... ((BIG HUGS))

    1. Thank you, dear Tracy.
      He is deeply missed every day. My special little buddy.

  8. My condolences. I just happened upon your blog and it was posted in late 2016, so I am not sure you will see it. But I wanted you to know.

    1. Thank you kindly Sandi.
      It has almost been a year, yet the heartache of missing him is still immense.


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