Saturday, 3 September 2016

He's gone

My darling Jack.

I can count on less than five fingers the times I’ve been away from you for more than a day in these fifteen years together.
We have travelled thousands of miles across this huge country, and lived in many different places.
My constant companion, cheerleader, keeper of secrets, studio supervisor and very best friend.

But the tyranny of time caught up with you, and wore your old body down.  Not your spirit though, not that.

Throughout these many years, you gifted me with so much love, so many laughs, such unwavering loyalty and bountiful precious memories.
And, you made me a better person.
The very least I could do was give you the ultimate gift in return… that of peace.

And so now, after all these seasons, I must walk alone without you by my side.
I have lost my shadow.

Beautiful boy, I know you won’t be crossing the rainbow bridge – how can you? You’ve never wanted to go anywhere without me.
No, you’re still here, sleeping in my heart, waiting.

And when it comes time to cross a bridge, I’ll be with you, and we’ll go together.

Sleep well my darling.


  1. And hugs from me too. With some tears to add to yours.

  2. Oh Vicki...
    I can barely see as I type this.
    Such a beautiful touching eulogy.
    I can't bear the thought of you without your Jack
    but you are right, he's in your heart
    and will always with you!
    I wish I had some words, something magical that could ease your grief
    but I know there is nothing that can be said that will help.
    MY very deepest of sympathies.
    Love you!

  3. Oh No! It's too soon....damn, I'm crying.

  4. Oh Vicki. I can barely see the keyboard through the tears. I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear and faithful friend, Jack.

    And when it comes the time to cross The Rainbow Bridge, I’ll be with you too, and we'll all go together ... *Hugs*

  5. I can't tell you how sorry I am for your loss.
    How lucky you were to have such an amazing companion, best friend, for 15 years.

  6. I have been dealing with the funeral of my mother in law this weekend, but you are in my thoughts. I just love this photo.
    We have a new puppy moving in with us next weekend, wish you could come visit her!

  7. Vicki, I am so, so sorry. You gave Jack a wonderful life...someday, you will cross that bridge together, and what a joyous day that will be. Oh, my heart is hurting for you, dear friend. (((((((((((((Vicki)))))))))))))))))))


  8. Enduring tribute...such wonder and love...courage and peace to you all...

  9. So many beautiful words at such a terrible time. I am sorry...


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