Monday, 8 February 2016

Bear Folk

Visits to blogland have been fleeting, I’m afraid.
Personal ups and downs, home renovations and making bear folk have consumed my days.
Where did January slip away to?

I recently set up an Instagram account where I put up photos of my characters, and am humbled at the wonderful comments they’re getting. Who’d have thought?...

They have been very well received, and I’m so very glad that my departure from ceramics has not left a huge creative hole in me.
I will also be opening an online shop soon.

My craft is my only income, and as I will be attending fewer markets from now on, I am hoping that interest generated will lead to people loving my characters from near and far, and will want to adopt them into their hearts and their homes.

Already, sweet Madeleine has gone to a wonderful family in Western Australia.


And one of my recent creations - a bunny named Alfie - sold soon after I put up a photo of him the other day.
He will be flying to a lovely lady in Queensland.
I have seen photos of her beautiful country property, and images of wild hares in the field from her kitchen window.
So, I’m sure wee Alfie will be waving hello to his distant kin from time to time. I just hope he doesn’t want to join them in the wilderness.
But, I think the thought of drinking tea from rose patterned teacups, and a bite of cake now and then, will entice him to stay… he already has a sweet tooth, as you can see from the photo I took the day after after I made him.


Caught with his little paw in a bag of chocolates. "Taste testing" he told me…
What a cheeky boy he is  :)

My days are spent working towards the coming Easter market - the last one for me this year.
Perhaps I will attend at Christmas. But, as we will we preparing our house for sale later this year, frenetic market making may not be on the cards.

Wishing you all well, and I'll be sure to drop by and visit your blogs very soon.
I've missed you.


  1. How I love your creations. A piece of you, and a life (and character) of their own.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, EC.
      Yes, they do seem to come alive once the final stitch is sewn. And each one surprises me with how individual they are :)

  2. Oh, Vicki... Miss Madeleine is a heart-stealer! ;) I love her floral feet! And not least, her big, sad eyes--she's a BEAUTY! Alfie is no doubt happy in a new, loving home--where hopefully his love of chocolates continues. Such wonderful creations, Vicki... I'm just in AWE of the new work you're doing! Hoping the Easter market will bring your more sales and furry friends finding hew, happy homes to go to. Wishing you very well with all the meany projects you've got going on this year--not least the big house sale! And wishing you more peace of mind and spirit... ((LOVE & HUGS))

    1. She is a stealer of hearts, for sure.
      Thank you for your well wishes, Tracy. It'll be a busy year I think :)

  3. Hi Vicki :)

    I'm visiting from sweet Tammy's post about you. I just wanted to tell you that I think you're an incredible artist. Your creations have the sweetest faces! Good luck with this business venture, but I don't think you'll need the luck ;)


    1. Thank you for your very sweet words, Rue. They are greatly appreciated.

  4. LOLOL!!! "taste testing"
    i've done a little taste testing in my time myself.
    but i'm not NEARLY as guiltily cute as alfie!
    i'm so happy they're being adopted. and to good homes too.
    you're just the best.

    1. No guilt there from me either.
      I could only wish to be as cute as he...

      Yes, I'm so happy they are reaching out and touching hearts of lovely people.

      Thanks for your support, always, Tam :)

  5. Madeleine and Alfie look wonderful and I know they will be happy in their new homes.
    Alfie looks furry, is he furry? or is that a trick of the light?
    Harry Jnr has settled in here, he's chosen a spot on top of the bookshelf, right by the airconditioner, he can see the whole room from up there.

    1. Thanks River. I think so too.

      Yes, I work with a lovely furry bear fabric which I antique and age to make them look as though they have been around for a very long time.

      So very pleased to read that Harry Jnr. has settled into your home nicely.
      I think hares do like to survey their domain from up high :)

      *Would love to see a photo of him at home one day...

  6. I have found that preparing a house for sale and then listing does not go well with craft making. I don't know where anything is anytime I need to do the slightest thing. Everything is put away for showing or already packed in boxes for a future move. My life just feels like it's on hold. I hope your preparation and selling goes smoothly, it's not that fun for me:(
    At least the bunnies are there to keep you company!

    1. I know, that was my main concern - that in order to sell the house, and every room in it, it needs to be looking its best, with all sundry items put away.
      What a pain to be in the middle of creating something, only to have the agent call and say they have "interested clients" coming through... this afternoon.

      The whole house thing is already beginning to cause strain as there is so much yet to do, but with nowhere suitable to go to...

      Sigh. We're in the same boat, yet again.

      I wish you luck as you continue your search, Tracey.
      I hope you find somewhere to unpack your boxes, put down roots and get on with living, very soon.

    2. Vicki
      maybe it's just because i love artists so...
      but i think you or the agent could surely just say . . . the home owner is a renowned artist
      who creates heirloom bears and hares!
      as long as other clutter was kept to a minimum...
      i wouldn't pick up the 'artistic work space' at all! they might even adopt a little bear or hare!

    3. As with most artists' studios, stuff is everywhere!
      And trying to work from boxes and keeping everything immaculate, can be limiting.
      But maybe that's just messy old me.

      Market preparation is too chaotic, with everything on every shelf and on every available space as work is made, judging by previous pre-Christmas markets :)
      So, I'm doubting that, if we plan to sell later, that a Christmas market is on the cards.
      But, I'll see how I go :)
      Has to be one day at a time at the moment.
      In the immortal words of Scarlett O'Hara, "I'll think about that tomorrow" :D

      ...and, dunno about "renowned", Tam... Lol.

  7. Blue here!
    Typing out a message with my big old paw pads.
    My mom has sworn off the computer as she has much work to be done.
    She needs to have 36 mini works done by next Wednesday, although she's hoping for some prints to arrive from a new print place.
    She said something about the prints would make life so much easier!?
    And she has to paint and decorative her display. She's kinda stressed.
    Then, just to make her go totally insane I guess, she's signed on to show her work at a big horse expo. For rescue horses.
    She's going to do paintings of horses and popular dog breeds in the horse community.
    That's the end of the month. She said she's scared to death to do it.
    Something about being an introvert pretending to be an extrovert?
    And... I overheard her saying that she's loved horses since she was young but hasn't been around one for 40 years!
    I guess she doesn't really think I'm a pony.
    I catch her looking at her phone and ooohing and aahing over your Instagram postings.
    She said that when you get your shop set up, she's "pinning" all your creations to Pinterest so hopefully that will lead more people to your shop.
    She's working on opening her shop too.
    Yep, she's stressed and eating way too much chocolate.
    But I lay close to her feet and keep an eye on her.
    So no worries.
    I send out a big slurpy kiss to that blue boy of yours.
    Please give him a good rub and hug for me.
    I better go before she see's me on this thing but one day at a time is how she's handling it too.
    XXXXXX slurp, slurp

    1. Oh, big beautiful Blue! Thank you for taking the time to comment here :)

      I'm SO glad to hear that your clever mum is busy with her art.
      Yes, it sounds like she has her hands full indeed, but you and I know she can do it - one day at a time.
      And, chocolate helps too :)

      Make sure you keep an eye on her, and do something funny to make her laugh from time to time - laughter is the best medicine!

      Tell her that she is much loved, and I'm looking forward to seeing her new creations.
      And I agree that prints will indeed make life easier :)
      I wish I could go along to the Horse Expo - sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. And I think quite a few orders will come from being there.
      Excellent exposure.

      This is going to be a huge year for your mum, and I know you'll take good care of her, Blue.

      Jack sends a big nose rub and cheek lick to you too. And he says, "us old doggies gotta look after our mums". He sends you a high five paw :)

      Big cuddles to you from me, and a big hug for your mum.

    and best of all...
    hearing it from blue! LOLOL.
    hugs to all four of you from the prairie. xoxo

  9. Vicki, your bears and hares are magical. Sending you lots of good luck wishes for the Easter market and for selling your home. (How I wish I could talk my husband into moving!)



    1. Thank you so much, Victoria.

      You would move from your magical mountain? I know the fires are truly a worry, but to leave your beautiful home and the wild folk? I've always imagined you as their guardian :)

      But, I do understand ♥

  10. Such loves, Madeleine and Alfie. You have a gift of expression, Vicki. Artfully made with careful details, captured time and unwavering devotion. They are truly wonders. So glad to see they have gone out (happily) into the world. (and I have missed you, too, Vicki.)

    Getting a house ready for market is so time-consuming and as my one grandson says "discombobulating." It is hard to keep the two worlds neatly separated because things come up right in the middle of developing a creative thought. I keep trying to say it is all an adventure ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Charlene.

      I like to use the same word - discombobulated is how things are around here :)
      I'm trying to be calm and focused as I get on with making... especially in the lead up to the market, but soon enough, things will become topsy turvy - I'll be in need of many, many cups of soothing herbal tea I think.

  11. Happy Birthday!
    My birthday wish for you is that all your dreams will come true!
    I didn't realize that you were 6 years younger than me!
    So there! At least you are closer to 50 than 60. Groan.
    I know this has been a hard year and things are looking rather bleak with your health and Jack's
    and the process of getting ready to sell, selling, buying, moving.
    My advice to you is don't do anything major.
    My sister did several things to her old house and then the new owner gutted it.
    I look at house listings as a hobby on my lunch hour and this is what I noticed.
    Soothing colors. Greys and light tans and white!
    Minimal furniture, so that it looks bigger than it is.
    If you do anything big, only do it in the kitchen, otherwise forget it.
    Just my opinion.
    Oh! and Pinterest has a lots of links to successful selling.

    I can't help wonder if part of your illness isn't stemming from Jack.
    I don't mean that he's causing it, I just mean...
    when my soulmate dog Maddie was ill and getting older, I was consumed with worry.
    I got sick and I broke out with skin issues.
    I'm wondering if the stress and worry aren't taking it's toll on you
    and there's really nothing that can help that.

    Yes, Jack will let you know.
    On the day my Maddie left this Earth, I had to tell her it was OK to go.
    I had to release her and tell her that we would meet again.
    It had to be the hardest thing I've ever done but I know that she will be there for me when my time comes.
    So cherish every moment you have and when the day does come,
    remember it's not an ending.
    I truly believe that it's a journey and he will be there for you many years down the road.
    OK, enough! He knows he's loved and that's all that matters for now!

    About the new house, the cottage.
    It's there, you will find it.
    As you've told me, put it out to The Universe!
    Envision it and believe it and it will happen.
    I know that you are supposed to let The Universe take care of the details but...
    If I were you, I'd do what my sister did.
    She just drove around the area that she wanted to live in.
    It was out of her way but she knew where she wanted to live there and
    one day a widowed retired lawyer decided to move some place warm and she drove by the day the sign went up!
    She's living in the home she wanted now.
    So maybe drive around and will it to happen.
    And... maybe read the obituaries. Oh God, I know that's awful but people do pass away
    and their kids live elsewhere and they just want to sell the house....
    and you can be there to offer them just enough for them to sell it.
    I know you will get your house because I can see it!

    About your Mom.
    You can't change the past.
    sometimes I think about mine and my Dad and I get so upset.....
    but don't let the past ruin your future.
    Things look hard right now, I don't think the colder season helps.
    I know the fact that it's Spring is helping me here!
    But even last week, during my vacation, there was a day I just wanted to lay down and cry....
    Don't let it drag you down there though.
    I think both of us FEEL too much and that's the down side
    but also there's an UP side.
    If you didn't have the depth of feeling, you wouldn't be the person you are
    and Jack is so blessed to have you.

    I'm blessed to know you!
    and so many others feel the same!
    You are magical and your creations are magical.

  12. AND!

    I hate rules.
    I hate opinions of people who think they know how we all should be or create.
    Maybe for most beginning bear artists, the first 10 are ugly.
    Who determines ugly anyway?
    Maybe they mean you are learning and you will improve.
    But sometimes a person is just a natural
    and you my dear are a natural.
    Your creations are fabulous!
    You give them a soul.
    Yep, your first ten are perfect.

    OK, I've written a book here but I don't CARE!
    I adore you and you MUST be HAPPY!
    Remember to BELIEVE.
    Believe as though it is already done
    and you are happy and in your home creating creatures and gardening and researching your ancestry
    and life is good because you are breathing in deep fresh air into your lungs
    and you feel vibrant and healthy.
    I see you living that life!
    It's starting to happen NOW!
    Happy Birthday!
    Love you bunches!

  13. Thank you dear Cindi!
    Your comment has given my much heart.
    Your words are like a great big bear hug, and I'm reading them intently... I do love a good book, especially when it is written especially for me :)

    Hopefully things do work out how I visualise.
    I'm sure the Universe does listen. Things just don't happen as soon, or exactly, as we hope.
    But, yes, trust and believe.

    And, I agree with you. Our beautiful furbabes are waiting for us when our time comes, and that is very comforting.

    Thank you for reaching out and connecting. It means alot to me, and helps to make me feel less alone in my down moments.

    Love you heaps!


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