Sunday, 13 October 2013

Fade to Black

Since our neighbourhood power blackout a couple of weeks ago, my computer has been "iffy" at the best of times.
And earlier this week, it decided to go to lunch - permanently.

One minute, I'm sorting out online payments for upcoming markets, the next, fade to black.

There was much button pushing, turn off/turn on/turn off/turn on at power points, copious swearing, then, final resignation whilst staring at the monitor's inky visage. A square black hole.

Computers. Incredibly useful, when they're working.
Absolutely useless when they're not.
And, quotes for replacement/repairs/upgrade costs... ouch!

Luckily, I found a great computer guy locally who could service it within a few days, and we are now back up and running.
So, I'll be composing a new blog post, catching up with emails and my fave blogs later tonight.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! See you soon :)


  1. I hear you. Wonderful when they are working - and very, very frustrating when they are not. I hope you got your bills sorted before it died.

    1. I think we're not alone there, EC.
      I managed only a few payments before it died. Doing the rest this afternoon - just before the due dates, phew :)

  2. I would hate to have my computer die on me, but at least I have a post office withing walking distance so can pay bills there if I need to.

    1. It's a pain, for sure.
      And, most of my market fees are direct debit - not paid at the post office.
      I could send money orders, but I absolutely refuse to do that nowadays, seeing as it costs nearly ten dollars per money order! Outrageous.

  3. Glad to hear you are back up and running again :)

    I hope you have been able to save everything that was on your hard drive? (Although I must say, in those times when I have lost the contents of my computer in the past and nothing has been backed up, I've always had a moment of terror, followed by several days' later where I'm like, "So what? I can't even *remember* what I've lost so it doesn't really matter!" Haha. (Although I must say, losing business invoices and stuff would be a right pain, but I do console myself sometimes with the liberating thought that if I lose everything, it actually won't really matter. Sorta the way I feel about how we are getting rid of Foxtel - there's this momentary tug, but then afterwards it's almost a liberation I feel when it's gone. But then Foxtel is much more shite than my computer contents (to me) so it's probably not the best comparison :)

    1. So true about Foxtel :)

      We have an external hard drive back-up and everything was saved, fortunately, as I'd hate to have lost all my art and associated documentation that goes with it. I have my market fee records etc. I'm sure I wouldn't remember everything that's on there.
      Although, I've been doing a big cull since we're back up and deleting a whole heap of unnecessary crap.

      Must say, It's good to be back online and in Blogland. I've missed it :)


  4. Whew... Nothing worse than black... LOL! Glad you had back up of files, pics, docs, etc. We lived without computers before, I wonder if we ever could a again?! hhhmmm...So very glad you're back, Vicki! :o) ((HUGS))

    1. I always tell hubby, "the TV can go, but I'd hate to be without the computer". At least the computer gives access to a wider community.
      Amazing how dependent we can be on them :)

  5. Vicki, I'm so glad to hear that you had everything saved to an external hard drive and glad that you're back! I would be lost without my computer...and my husband gets a big laugh every time I say that because for years I said, "I'll never use a computer, I like doing things the old fashioned way, yada yada yada..." Now, I could easily do without a television (I rarely watch it anyway) but a computer. GASP! Never!!



    1. I didn't think I'd be so into computers all those years ago when we bought our first one.
      Resistance was futile :)

      I feel the same as you about the TV.
      What's funny, is that hubby is the opposite - he could do without the computer, but not the telly, lol.


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