Friday, 16 August 2013


My stash of luscious Lithuanian linen remnants arrived recently.

Followed a few days later by my lavender order.

So excited!
I'm loving the way the traditional, homespun material feels in my hands.
Simple, honest, unpretentious tactile goodness.
And, the lavender envelops me in a cloud of cottage garden memories.

Soon, I'll be busily making wee lavender sachets and bags for my next market.

Now that the kiln is fully loaded and cooking, I'm looking forward to working with these textural, "scentual" delights :)

My sewing skills are fairly basic and I'm no dress-maker, but I LOVE my machine and, I hope that this beautiful linen is forgiving enough to work with me to create some sweet sensory treats for my stall and of course, our home.

Have a safe, happy weekend everyone!



  1. Many years ago I stayed at a B & B which dried its bedlinen over lavender bushes in the sun. Bliss.
    And I often dab lavender oil on my pillow cases. It does seem to make a difference in not only how easily I go to sleep but in the quality of that sleep.
    What a wonderful project you have taken on.

    1. It's wonderful to have linen dried over lavender bushes. I only had a few plants near the washing line in WA, so I could just fit pillowcases on them - but the smell!
      It's my dream to one day have a washing line out in the sun again, and plant a whole bed of lavender nearby to do just that - lay sheets upon them.
      Just hope the birds don't get any silly ideas about pooing on them, Haha!

      Let me know if you want a fantastic and simple recipe for lavender water to spray on your bedding and towels :)

    2. OK EC, you'll need...
      a spray bottle/spritzer
      distilled water
      vodka - the cheap stuff is fine
      Lavender essential oil - get the best quality you can - 100% pure

      Into the spray bottle, drop in approx 20 or so drops of the oil (add more if you like a stronger fragrance), then add 2-3 TBS vodka. Shake to mix the two.
      Then, fill the bottle with the distilled water.
      Give it a shake and you're good to go!

      I spray the linen closet, towels, bedding, hubby's wardrobe - lots of smelly boy's stuff in there - and pretty much anywhere throughout the house - especially after vacuuming.

      Heaven :)

  2. That linen looks soft and touchable! Linen is one of my favorite fabrics to sew. The sachets will turn out charming and earthy and scented with soothing lavender.
    It's funny--I am waiting for my kiln to cool, too. And I am hand sewing little hexagons for a quilt. Have been for months. It's our hands, you know, they need to touch and make and connect as though tracing a road on a map. Happy sewing!

    1. Oh so true Charlene! Touch is such an important sense, and sadly, one that many seem to neglect.
      There is something very special about touching, and really feeling, tactile surfaces.
      It is a "connection", as you say.

      I hope you show some images of your quilt when you've finished. Or, even still, in the process of completion :)

  3. Vicki, I hope the linen will work with you, not against you. I wish so much that I could sew, but I'm hopeless at it. That lavender looks wonderful; I can almost catch the scent of it...



    1. I hope so too Victoria. But I'm assured that it is one of the easiest fabrics to work with - so happy of that, as well as it being the loveliest to the touch - for me anyway :)
      The lavender has permeated the house and I catch the scent in differnt parts of the house. Delicious :)

  4. I love lavender sachets and used to have some, but over the years the scent faded and now they're gone. I should get new ones, my wardrobe could use a few. I'll check out the Semaphore foreshore market this summer.

  5. P.S. thanks for the spray recipe, I've copied it down. I used to lay my hankies and table napkins over lavender bushes.

    1. Hi River - I hope you've had a wonderful birthday :)

      Let me know how you go at the markets, and if you find any lavender sachets.

      Enjoy the lavender spray too :)

  6. Oh, such lovely linens... *super-swoon*... And the lavender... This is sensual overload! ;o) Linen is wonderful to sew with. And do love the idea for you lavender sachets & bags for selling at your markets. Everyone loves a lavender sachet! Hope you will share a photo of your linen creations before they go out. LOVE the top image of the linens with the little angel-like girl... so sweet! Happy Weekend, Vicki ((HUGS))

    1. Ah, thank you Tracy. I appreciate your encouragement :)

      I will post photos of my linen goodies in a week or so, for sure.
      Have a great, sun-shiny weekend at your sweet cottage. xx

  7. you are a creative dynamo!
    and i am always late to your party. i need to subscribe so that i know when you do a new post. duh.
    and i will. right there in that lower right corner.
    this is a beautiful post.
    anxious to see the photos in 'a week or so!' good grief. if it were me... it would be 'in a year or so!' XOXO

    1. Oh Tam, you're so cute, it's good to hear from you at any time :)
      But, yes, subscribe and you'll (hopefully) get a notification of any new posts.
      And, thank you too for your constant encouraging words, they mean a lot :)

  8. I foolishly went through a teen-age/young adult phase where I thought lavender was WAY too old fashioned for me!! Thank goddess I grew out of that one!! What a shame I won't be anywhere near your market to stock up on what look like they're going to be FAAAAABULOUS sachets!! Have a great week!!

    1. Haha! Me too! When I was young, I loved Yardley's Old English Lavender perfume. Then, I went through a stage when I thought I was "too hip" for it.
      It was so nice to know old faithful was still there to return to... mmm that scent :)

      You know Red, if you like the look of them when I post pics in a week or so, I can always send you one... wherever you might be :)


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