Monday, 12 August 2013

I love...

a sun-shiny Sunday morning after a bleak, wet, wintry week

the interplay of shadows


illuminated shimmery effects from shooting into the sun

searching for platypus in the shallows

Eastern Yellow Robins spying for tiny treats

 sorry about the graininess - sometimes, I wish I had a telephoto lens :)

the beauty of birch bark... in any season

fresh, sweet, juicy oranges direct from the grower

Wishing you all a bright and wonderful week!


  1. So much beauty here. Thank you so much - and a wonderful week to you too.
    Did you see any platypus? I hope so - but the place you were looking is sufficiently beautiful to be its own reward.

    1. And thank you EC :)
      No platypus sadly - a little too late in the morning. Better chance of seeing them around here super, super early at dawn.
      But yes, lovely to look all the same :)

  2. Oh, it's so beautifully green! I love the purple glow you got when shooting into the sun; sometimes the most magical things happen! The little yellow robin is so cute (I never knew there were yellow robins!), and the photo of the birch tree with the moss on it is so beautiful it nearly took my breath away.



    1. Thanks Victoria.
      I love the little robins - all robins actually. Robins and wrens :)
      These little guys are yellow-breasted.
      Yes, there's textural beauty in birch bark, and moss adds to the loveliness :)

  3. MAGIC MOMENTS, Vicki... What a treat to start my day seeing these! :o) And I could go for some orange juice now... Happy Week ((HUGS))

    1. Magic indeed Tracy :)
      And, I love freshly squeezed orange juice... like tasting liquid sunshine :)

  4. Such beautiful photos!!
    I don't get out in the early morning anymore, it's still too cold for the bones.
    Maybe in a few weeks.
    Did you see any platypus?

    1. Thanks River.
      No, have to get up really early (dawn) to glimpse a platypus. Even though we're a little too late, I never fail to look... just in case.
      When I do spot one, I hope I have my camera with me :)

  5. Lovely strolling with you and your carmera...I've never seen a wild platypus, and can't remember even one in a zoo. Your robin is so different than our orange breasted it a common bird for you?

    1. Hi Barb. The little Eastern Robin is common to these parts, yes.
      I love robins - all types. They are a "classic" little bird shape and I love the way they turn their heads as they scout for food.
      We used to have "Scarlet Robins" in West Aust. Sweet wee birds :)

    oh how i've missed you boy!
    and to see you sniffing that fresh morning air . . . doesn't get much better. except to be there sniffing with you!
    thank you v.
    you have the most amazing animals in australia. it's like a different world really... not just a different continent.
    to actually see a real little platypus! and a yellow breasted robin. and a joey. and the 'confetti' birds on your deck.
    that's what I call them. they look like colorful confetti sprinkled about. so festive! like a daily celebration.
    no wonder you're an artist in every way. you'd have to want to capture all that!!!
    your pictures here are just exquisite. i can actually FEEL the fresh air. lovely. xoxoxo across that giant sea.

    1. Haha, even if I don't know it at the time, when I look back at some pictures I've taken, Jack has often snuck in the frame somewhere :)
      Yes, there is an abundance of wonderful wildlife here. I'm still chuffed at the wee baby wombats... so cute :)

  7. Thank you for bringing the outside in - I think it's a morning in bed for me, but looking at these pics helps me not feel quite so isolated about having to be inside when I would rather be walking to Sherbrooke Falls :)

    I've not seen one of those robins before - gorgeous.

    1. Hi Sue :) Hope you're OK? And it's such a lovely morning too.
      But I'm also having to stay indoors today to finish a few pieces off before I load the kiln.
      Soon, there'll be lovely Spring days and walks to the Falls are wonderful, I agree. Shame about that massive tree falling right onto the bridge a while ago - can you imagine that!?
      This wee robin was at Sassafras Creek.
      Take care :)

    2. Eh, I'm alright. Fighting off a cold, trying to work out some complicated health tangles, and just feeling generally a bit crappy after my class yesterday. I still unfortunately have issues with energy after 14 years of chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal fatigue. So frustrating - I have so many things I want to do and not enough energy to do them all. Some days it gets me down. I actually haven't been able to do even much gentle exercise for the last couple of months at all. I can feel I'm building up to being able to do it again, though. I look forward to it. Might have to make it a stroll to Sassafras Creek to see if I can spot the beautiful robin.

      I know, that tree was massive, wasn't it. It was a bit freaky when I saw that. I wonder if they have repaired it yet? Surely they have - it's been ages.

      So me complain, but the sunshine is coming in through the window, and that's lovely. And you're loading stuff into your kiln, and that's lovely too :)

  8. Oh how I love how Jack appears in your photos! Sweet love...the other photos are beautiful, wild and wonderful. A yellow Robin! I would absolutely delight in seeing one. And who wouldn't want to buy oranges from that unique artisan cart? Thank you for bringing a little bit of lush and vibrant life to this golden brown and hilly world of mine....

    1. You're welcome Charlene :)

      Jack has a way of putting himself in the frame - he's a funny boy!
      I get quite excited when I see the little robins, they are so sweet.

      And, those oranges are very sweet and so easy to peel, delicious :)


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