Sunday, 5 May 2013

Autumn reflections

I love this season so much.

By day

and by night.


  1. Beauty-Full Flipside pics! Overhere, the foliage is just showing up. With Gusto!

    It makes me wonder this morning - did it all start in stages?
    Whose first Spring preceded whose first Autumn, first time around?
    I never thought of that till our little flip side exchanges! A Lovely Mystery.


    1. An ages-old question I think jaihn.
      And there is magic in the mystery :)

      Wishing you a bright fresh Spring on the top-side of our wonderful world :)

    2. Through your beautiful post I can have two autumns! It is the clarity and contrast of the autumnal light that makes my eyes sing. Love the red Japanese maple in the blue pot. Stunning.....

    3. Yes, the light does have a certain beautiful quality in Autumn doesn't it? Crisp. Clear.
      Winter is coming.

      I too love the complementary colours of my old deep blue glazed pot and maple. A wonderful feature on our balcony :)

  2. Beautiful photos! I love Autumn, too, and now, thanks to your wonderful blog, I can enjoy it twice a year. What are the scents of your Autumn? Here it is chilly pine scented air, underscored with (if we're lucky) wet, fallen leaves, damp earth, and wood smoke from fireplaces.



  3. Thank you Victoria. I also love to see the flip side of the seasons through your beautiful blog's photos :)

    Here, generally (as is the case this season) the scent of rich, damp earth pervades the air, as we live on the side of a hill across from a small creek, and the moss on stones awakens early as the Summer trickle becomes a strong flow.
    Oils from newly fallen eucalypt leaves mingle with the soil and when the Autumn/Winter sun shines, the essences are released into the air. Unmistakeably Australian.

    And now, early afternoons are filled with wood smoke as people settle in for the evening. It's always interesting to smell the different woods that people burn. Some sweet and very pleasant, some a little more, arresting to the senses :)

  4. LOVE your uplifting weekend photo posts, Vicki! An LOVE the top image/portrait of Jack with leaves. :o) Happy new week, my friend ((HUGS))

    1. Thanks Tracy. And wishing you a wonderful week, and beyond, filled with happiness and good times.
      Safe travels :) xx

  5. oh. how wonderful v.
    i'm getting to relive autumn all over again! it's my favorite season of all. you know that.
    and that wee blue boy peeking at the leaves. oh i could hug him so.
    thank you for such beauty today!

    1. You're welcome dear Tam :)
      Hugs to you xx


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