Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mothers Day

It is bittersweet for me.

It is the day my mother died.

Mothers Day, 1986.

I was 23.

From then on, the day was tainted and I mentally braced myself as that time came around. I winced and wished it away each year, avoiding (as much as I could) any reference to it.
So much unresolved. Left unsaid. Too painful to think about.

Then, years later, my son was born. And I became, “mother”.

I vowed, and have tried, to live up to the honour and responsibility of the title. Not just on this day, but each and every day since my dear boy was born.

For me, to be a mother was not an entitlement, but a privilege.
I am so grateful to be his mother.
He is an only child and is wise beyond his 22 years.

He was born with “old eyes”. Even the nurses in the maternity ward said so. Many of you will understand what I mean.
As he grew, it was apparent that he had a way about him. Gentle. Kind. Knowing - quietly so.
An independent soul. True to himself. But, without selfishness.

He marches to the beat of his own drum.
I always knew that about him.

Incidentally, he is a drummer. And a very good one at that. His forte is jazz.
To hear him cut a smooth jazz groove is a delight to hear. The house thrums with the good energies and vibes he creates.

Age 3 ~ destined to be a drummer

And to see him on stage brings me to tears, even after all these years.

My boy.

The wee boy who used to reach up, grasp my hands and place his little feet on top of mine as we “danced” around the kitchen.
The auburn haired child with the infectious laugh and huge brown eyes that melted your heart, has grown into a handsome, intelligent, talented young man with a wicked sense of humour, warm heart and a strong sense of justice and fairness.
A calm influence on us (his parents) and his many friends.

For one so young, he is a wise old soul.

I was truly blessed when he was born. This child, this boy, this young man, has taught me much.
In nurturing him as he grew, watching him, allowing him to be who he is - who he wanted to be - and by listening, really listening to him, he taught ME how to be a better human being.

It’s not a right, to be a parent… a mother.
It’s a gift.
An honour. One I know should never be abused or taken for granted.

Life-giver, custodian and carer for such a short time. But proud mother for ever.

Thank you, dearest boy. You've made this day, every day, so much brighter.

I love you.




  1. This is a truly lovely post. I am more than a little misty over here. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, as always EC. Your warm regards are appreciated.
      Hope you're enjoying the lovely cool weather too :)

  2. i am late to get here on this ~ your day.
    that picture v. i am blown away. he is adorable. i wish i could hear him play. some people are born knowing what they want to do. and i imagine he is one of them.
    your whole heart is in this post and it's his and tim's too and it's so wonderful. your three boys. lucky lady vicki. and THEY are lucky too!
    it all turned out well in the end. so much love.
    and love from across this sea. love.

    1. Never too late dear Tam :)
      One day, I'll post an audio or video of him playing, so you will be able to hear him.
      Yes, it has turned out well in the end, so true. And I am so grateful.
      Hugs to you across the wide blue xx

  3. I spent the day with my beautiful girl, she is very much like your boy, too bad we can't get them together :)
    Lovely post and yes it is a privilege to be a mom to wise children.happy Mother's Day to you

    1. And wishing you a happy Mothers Day too, dear Tracey.
      The world needs children like ours more than ever now.
      These wise, wonderful souls :)

  4. Vicki, I hope you had a wonderful mother's day. Your son sounds like a super young man, and the photo of him when he was three is just adorable!



    1. Thank you Victoria, I had a perfect day.
      I do love this photo, it's my favourite. It epitomises who he was then, who he wanted to be and who he is today.

  5. Happy Mother's Day, belated, dear Vicki! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. And what a gift you are to motherhood, and to your son. And what a gift he is to you. Precious... I was missing my Mum this past weekend, but happy to be seeing her soon. Being a mum is something I've not had the joy of experience, and that has hurt at times, still does. So Mother's Day can be hard for me. But I'm mum to a kitty is all--but that is a gift. :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

    1. Dearest Tracy, so happy that you will soon be hugging your own dear Mum. You are so lucky to still be able to create wonderful times together and I know you cherish them.
      Give your wee Charlie a soft, warm hug from me too when you pick him up for a cuddle :)
      Hugs to you xx


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