Thursday, 2 May 2013


for a walk in the forest.

Step through the gateway and onto the path that leads away from where you came. The path that always beckons, “keep walking”.

Glimpses across the gully tempt you further.

After a time, you arrive here. A liminal place, guarded by two silent sentinels.

Which way?

Both paths will lead back to the road.

One way is open. Sunlit and clear. Known.
Overhead, screeching cockatoos and parrots will keep you company.

The other is wild. Darker. Unpredictable.
This way, the deeper you go, the more silent it becomes. The wind, high above in the tree tops, doesn’t permeate down here.

There is just the sound of unseen creatures, rustling in the tangled, tunnelled network of undergrowth and the steady beat of your own heart.
Enveloped by the smell of damp, mossy earth and eucalypt, you find yourself narrowly winding around age-old gnarled roots.

Through lush fern gullies.

Past long fallen logs and tree trunk doorways, where mysterious scufflings are heard within.

Something, someone’s, home.

It’s another world.

An “other” world.

Ethereal whisperings just above the soft gurgling of water in a moss-bedecked stream, has you wondering what you hear.

Look with soft eyes. The elusive beings of this place sometimes make themselves apparent.


Creatures of the forest? Or elementals? Spirits of place. Their place.

Here. Now. Autumn.

It is a time when the veil is thinnest. Where communing with “the old” is somehow easier. Should you choose to connect with ancestors, this, this is the time.
Magic is all around. As it once was long ago. As it should be. As, perhaps it will be again.
The wild path belongs to Samhain.
Shadowy figures flicker on the periphery of vision.

There is a call to sit silently and go deep within. Listen. Be still.
With a quiet mind and open heart, you will hear. Shhhh. There is nothing to fear here. Open to the possibilities. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Which path would you choose?



  1. oh my dearest friend.
    this is a book. i will come back and open it often. when my heart needs its stillness and magic and beauty.
    when you do these i find first that i'm holding my breath. i do! then i go back again. and i relax and i'm filled with a stillness and i can smell the moss and damp earth. and i'm renewed.
    thank you darling gypsy girl. for your words and pictures today. and for being you. on the other side of the world.
    hug my beloved blue boy for me.

    1. Dear Tam, when you need a spell in the cool stillness, you know where to come.
      The forest waits and receives those who want peace and respite from the busy world.

      Will give Jack his hug from you when I lift him from the couch and we head to bed, soon :) xx

  2. Having a cup of coconut chai, rain is falling softly at.the window and as I read this, I am reminded of the paths I have chosen. They are without a doubt, always, the darker more difficult path, but such a journey that path takes you on!
    Wonderful post for a cold rainy morning, thanks!

    1. Mmmm, chai and rain. Perfect companions to a walk in the lush dark, dense forest.

      I thought you might take the wilder, more challenging paths in life.
      So have I.
      They are almost always the more interesting. And they make one stronger.
      Some things are worth fighting for :)

  3. Vicki, what a lush place, and the way you photographed it and walked with us through it was pure inspiration. Thanks for being you!

    1. You're welcome Barb.
      It's nice to share these magical realms with those who appreciate them :)

  4. The dark side. Always. With pleasure. And your stunningly beautiful photos today have provided a balm for my soul. Thank you.

    1. Ahh, there's a certain tingle of excitement that goes with this choice isn't there EC?
      It has always been so for me. And even though it has its challenges, I much prefer it :)

    2. Poetic words and is uncharacteristic hot and windy soothing to hear your words and breathe in the mystic air of the forest.....and the calliope in the canopy........beautiful post....

    3. Thank you Charlene.
      Your art and your own beautiful words create such rich, ancient stories. They are a pure pleasure to see and read :)
      Wishing you a cooling respite from the weather in your land very soon.

  5. Samhain Blessings, my friend. Oh, this is PURE MAGIC, Vicki! This walk lifted and refreshed me today--just what I needed! Even though it is spring here, and so much is bursting forth... I feel that leftover quiet season energy calling me to take time and be still when I can. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

    1. Yes, it is so important to always take time to be still and go within, and you know how to do that very well dear Tracy :)
      Have a lovely time with your family, stay safe, keep well and happy travels my dear.
      Hugs xx

  6. What a magical, beautiful post! Your words made it even more so.

    I would chose the darker path. Sunlit and clear can be beautiful, but it is the places where shadow and light dwell together that I find the most beautiful, the most magical. Sometimes those places are a bit harder to get to, a bit harder to navigate, but those are the places that make my soul sing, those are the places where I can hear most clearly the voices of the spirits and other beings that may dwell there.

    Thank you for this walk!

    Blessings, Victoria

    1. I so agree Victoria. Beautifully said.
      For me, I've often found it is within the darker places that I find the most magical surprises :)


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