Sunday, 14 December 2014

Dog Days - December

The emotional life of the dog is highly developed - more highly, indeed, than that of any other animal.
~ George Romanes 

While I agree most definitely in part with this quote, I must say that, I don’t believe “emotions” – anthropomorphically speaking – are reserved just for dogs.

And I’m absolutely sure most of you have experienced extra special relationships with many beautiful sentient creatures. Animals possess senses and knowing far beyond the limited range of our own.

I have loved animals who have displayed a very wide range of emotions.
Like my dear and incredibly intelligent British Alpine goat “Ella”.  Now, she was special…


Just in case anyone has wondered where I've disappeared to, I have been on the mad market merry-go-round for the past few months now, and feel drained and exhausted.
No matter how much stock I made for each market, I would sell most of it, leaving me seriously short for the following (pre-paid) stall.  Each week saw me doing overtime to come up with a full table for the weekend.
Many late nights at my studio table, staring out the window from time to time into the inky forest blackness, while the world slept.
I've existed on chocolate and coffee to get me through :)

And, it’s not over yet.

With my last Christmas market done and dusted yesterday, I must now produce for the huge New Year holiday market in January.
Having but two weeks to prep, make clay, speed dry (candling), bisque fire, glaze madly in an assortment of delicious colours, glaze fire, assemble and pack - in time for the eve of the market.
All this with Christmas smack bang in the middle. Gulp.

I’ll put in long hours, push through moments of delirium and sleep deprivation, and manage to stay on top of things – just.
Believe me, I’m not ungrateful, but…

… right now, at this very moment, all I really want is to be this cute kitty, blissfully content in the arms of an angel on a swing…



  1. I certainly don't accept that emotions, or caring behaviour are reserved for our (often over-rated) species.
    It is a testament to your skill that your work flies off the table. A compliment, which brings rather a lot of work in its train. Look after yourself as best you can.
    You are in my heart.

    1. Thank you EC.
      And, I so agree. I am so often disappointed in the hubris of humans - and I am no exception.

  2. oh my dearest girl! how happy i am to see this post and read your words.
    i had begun to worry. and now i see you are just overwhelmed in a tiring but wonderful way! and like EC said . . . it's a compliment to your work.
    and the picture you chose for this post . . . my heart comes right up into my throat and tears in my eyes. what a beloved old face.
    i have always believed they not only feel what we do . . . they know what we say . . . and they tell us with their eyes what they cannot say out loud.
    and their tail. their tails speak volumes! LOLOL.
    much love across that great blue sea. EC said it for me again. "you are in my heart."
    ... furever.
    tam. xoxo♥

    1. Dear Tam, I knew the minute I saw this sweet old face, that he would touch your heart.
      Our furbabes do speak volumes. If only more people would really listen to what they have to say, for they do indeed say so much more than we truly know.

  3. love the photos...sentient creatures all three...such bliss!
    It sounds like you are having good sales and good interactions...around here the holiday markets started the first week of November and it seems more people want to give unique gifts that are handmade...and I can tell yours are beautifully crafted. You must be exhausted and in "make,fire, glaze, fire, make more" mode. I just finished the last of the holiday market things and ready to close up the studio for two weeks. It feels strange, too. I keep thinking I forgot to do something. Anyway, Vicki, I will give offerings to my kiln god to send good vibes to your kiln god for speedy candling, nicely melted glazes and wonder magic.

    1. Yes Charlene, the blissful beauty of sentient creatures is a joy to see.
      I am happily exhausted. Rounding the corner now for one more market - then, a short break.
      Thank you, I'd love to have your kiln god send good vibes to mine for my next market.

      So grateful that more and more people are choosing to buy handmade, rather than mass produced :)

  4. Vicki, I'm so happy to hear that you're having a hugely successful season! My body runs on caffeine, sugar and chocolate at this time of year, too. Both of the photos are adorable, but the look on the face of the kitty is so wonderfully happy, it makes me happy just to look at her. In case you don't have time to post between now and then, I'm going to wish you a Happy Yule/Christmas and a New Year chock full of joy!



    1. I know! Kitty looks so content, I love it.

      I hope to post before Christmas - wouldn't seem right if I didn't :)
      Thank you for your Yule wishes, Victoria.
      I wish a snow filled festive season for all on your magical mountain.

  5. You know how I feel about this.
    I was recently told at work that I must stop caring so much about the pets that I care for.
    Or at least, not to care more than their actual owners.
    The concern was that my depth of feeling towards them was taking too much of a toll on me.
    I went home, called my sister and told her about what had been said and her response was a short laugh and then she asked,
    "Do they even know you?"
    Not more than a week later, one of my long time boarders seemed to be drinking a lot of water. So much so that I was concerned and we ran a test.
    It showed he was severely diabetic. His owner had never noticed and now he is on insulin and doing well.
    So much for not caring and I swear to god, that dog was telling me something with his eyes.
    Talking to me with them.
    To say a animal has no emotion, one would have to be blind and heartless. Animals have a depth that far too few realize.

    I'm so glad you are busy. Even a tad bit jealous but since it's you, I'm Happy.
    I'm busy too but I wish I had gotten off my butt and created.
    I must start very soon so that next year at this time, I will be ready.
    Good luck my friend!
    I hope you sell everything you create with orders for more and then I wish you a well deserved rest.
    xoxoxo - Cindi

    1. You are truly blessed to be able to work with as many dear animals as you do, Cindi. But yet in a way, cursed.
      Blessed because you make the truest of friends with these animals and make rare connections due to your pure empathy for them.
      Cursed because, you have to let them go back to their owners - who sometimes seriously lack the understanding required to give their "pets" the recognition and care they truly need, and only see them as a lesser being.

      Wouldn't it be lovely to have the money to be a philanthropist for animals? A crusader that cares.

      But, never, stop tapping into them - as if you could anyway, lol. For many of the animals that come to your place of work, you may be one of the few they ever come across in their relatively short lives that could make a difference - you know what I mean.
      That is something to be proud of. As hard as it may be, you "work" for the animals - not the humans. And have a gift to give them... your voice.

      Keep your creative thoughts foremost if you can during the coming busy period and continue to confirm that 2015 will be the year…

      Hugs xx

  6. Just dropping back in to wish you a Happy Summer Solstice, Vicki!



    1. And, Winter Solstice blessings to you, Victoria xx


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