Friday, 17 October 2014

In reverse

Coming home after a hard day's work creating worldwide chaos...


My presence here at my blog will be scarce for a little while longer.

Along with the amount of clay work I’m doing in preparation for Christmas markets I'll attend throughout Nov-Dec, some personal life stuff has arisen – some of it negative and very distracting.
So, trying to focus on my tight market schedule has been, well… trying.

I’m feeling more than a little scattered. And working to deadlines requires focus – as most of you will agree.
Add to that, factors that are out of one’s hands, there’s not a lot one can do.

So, this is how I’m feeling right now...

Also, I look to the skies for - at least part of - the cause.

If I had even the tiniest shred of doubt about the adverse effects of Mercury in retrograde before… I have absolutely none now.

Its “reversed” influence can, and will, touch many people during these periods. Some (lucky beggars) have nothing to report, and will sail through. Others have major ramifications.
All lessons to be learned, I’m sure. But an absolute pain when dealing with the issues at hand at the time.
In hindsight - upon reflection - things can, and will, be clearer.
When the mud settles.

Mercury the planet rules the sectors of communication, commerce and transport.
We’ve copped the trifecta.

Virgo and Gemini are deeply influenced by planet Mercury’s cycles.
Seeing as hubby is Virgo and I am Gemini, tension has heightened - to top everything off.

If I have to say one more time, “it’s not the menopause, it’s fucking Mercury!”.....

I will try to catch up with your blogs when I can. I’ve missed them.
And, I hope to be back here very soon.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm sure it won't be too long - I miss blogging and reading blogs :)

  2. Oh, Vicki... be taking good care there. And I hope Mercury eases soon... and that it's not the menopause. Be here when you can. And wishing you well, and successful with the markets coming up!! ((LOVE & HUGS))

    1. Thank you Tracy. We're halfway through Mercury's cycle, so a week and a bit to go...

  3. Mercury is sure spreading its cheer in my house, grrrr.... Computer issues,cameras,appliances,car..... Personalities :)
    Hang on,it will all align soon
    Thinking of you

    1. Thanks Tracey. It's such a pain isn't it? And, on some cycles there's hardly a hiccup, so you never know if/when it's going to be your turn.
      Well, at least we're halfway through.
      Wishing no more incidents and glitches over your way :)

  4. i'm sorry to laugh.
    it's just your humor.
    I LOVE IT.
    and even if it was the menopause. which we know it isn't. YOU GO AHEAD GIRL. you go with whatever you feel it requires.
    for a little peace. and respite!
    i felt something was wrong. i've kept coming back looking at beloved jack. sensing something.
    we will be right here when you come out the other side. hope you're not totally wearing yourself out. love. xoxo♥

    1. I knew you'd see the funny, Tam - being on the same wavelength.
      But, there's definitely NO peace and respite here. Quite the contrary.
      I'll be glad to come up for air when the whole business and life stuff is sorted out.

      Then, I'll take a rest sometime in the new year... hopefully.

  5. It has been trying the last two months! I know nothing about the stars---I just feel an inner universe trying to shimmer and make sense of the outer world. I will send out good thoughts across the ocean with best wishes for the upcoming markets, Vicki. Naughty Mercury.

    1. Thank you Charlene. There certainly is some sort of Universal "disquiet" both externally and internally.
      I hope it is settles down soon... one can but hope :)

  6. On the other hand, (where I have four fingers and a thumb), it could very well be the menopause.
    Most people equate this time with ceasing of menstruation, but for many, so very many, signs that this time is approaching begin years before.
    Hormonal changes may be too small to detect with blood tests, but they still have an effect and these changes can go on for years before the real, more well known symptoms begin, such as the irritability, although that can manifest early, and the hot flushes. My very first symptom was a sensation of crawling just under my skin. The hot flushes hit five years later.
    I hope you feel better, calmer soon.

    1. I've been in menopause for a few years now. And like you, River, it started with the awful skin crawling sensation. Ick.
      But, as there is more going on here than just menopausal symptoms... I'm sticking to blaming Mercury :)

  7. (((((((((((((((((((((Vicki)))))))))))))))))))))))))))


    Victoria (and Mrs. Rose sends kisses)

    1. I can feeeel the hugs from over here, Victoria. Thank you xx

    2. Oh and, special kisses to dear Mrs. Rose too.

  8. I'm so sorry to read that you are going through such tough times.
    I didn't know about Mercury but reading about it now could explain some of my own crap.
    I won't go into detail here, you have enough on your plate, but yeah... shit has been hitting the fan at my job.
    Mostly linked to communication I suppose, but other stuff too.
    Hopefully that's all cleared up now
    and having few other struggles...too bad you are the other side of the world or I'd suggest meeting for lunch and cocktails! LOL!
    Seriously, the year hasn't been the best but hopefully something good is about to happen!
    Hang in there my friend!

    1. Thank you Cindi. You have certainly had your fair share of life stuff to deal with. Sometimes, it doesn't come in easily handled lots, but rather, in multiples, making one weary of it all, I know.
      Here's to Mercury behaving once again, in just over a weeks time. Hopefully a restoration to some of the madness.

      And, I sooo would have a cocktail - or two - with you and Blue and your furry crew :) xxx

  9. Hi! It's been AGES!! So sorry to hear of your troubles - why isn't more store set by more people in planetary alignments?? I hope things are looking more positive since you wrote this, and I look forward to 'catching up' more often now that my own LOOOOOOOONG blogging hiatus is over!

    1. Hi Red! Loved your post on the Grampians - such gorgeous images of beautiful blue mountain majesty - right here in Victoria!
      I've seen them from a distance, but will definitely visit them up close one day.
      Your fabulous blog always whets the travel bug appetite :)


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