Friday, 11 July 2014

Extinction is forever

Photo credit: Ari S. Friedlaender/Oregon State University

On April 1st 2014, Australia (and the world) celebrated “an end to whaling in the Southern Ocean”.
I rejoiced at this news, but deep down, I felt uneasy.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ), demanded Japan cease its whaling program "with immediate effect" as it didn't comply with the country's obligations under the international whaling convention.
Japan stated that it was "deeply disappointed" that the UN's top court ruled in favour of Australia by declaring its Southern Ocean whale hunt illegal, but nevertheless insisted it would abide by the decision.

However my heart is heavy. I find it hard to comprehend in the light of the not altogether surprising, but still depressing, confirmation by Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, during his current visit to Australia and New Zealand, that Japan would continue its whaling program in the Southern Ocean.

The whaling wars down under will continue, as Japan navigates the loophole and structures a new research program, despite the ICJ ruling calling the previous Jarpa II research program “a sham”, and simply a guise for commercial whaling.

Photo credit: Ho New/Reuters

Mr Abe said, “One of the objectives of the international convention for regulating whaling is indeed a sustainable use of resources. Based on this, Japan will engage in research of whaling in order to collect the indispensable scientific information in order to manage the whale resources”. 

What the fuck?

Makes no sense.

The fact that the Australian Antarctic Territory is a declared and established sanctuary, seems of no consequence.

And, despite pre-election promises to the contrary, whaling was not on this political agenda, as Australia's Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, chose to avoid the "thorny issue".

Sea Shepherd founder, Captain Paul Watson has said, "I don't think Tony Abbott cares for the whales one bit."

Mr Abbott said this week, that the friendship between Japan and Australia was, "far, far bigger than our disagreement on one particular subject".
"Friends can disagree on subjects and that's in no way inconsistent with a strong and growing friendship."

What’s a few dead whales between friends, eh Tony?

Mr Abe said, "Our countries both love peace. We value freedom and democracy and we hold human rights and the rule of law dear," and called the relationship "special".

So, I suppose animals have no rights then, Mr Abe?
And, rules are meant to be bent or broken to suit.

I call bullshit on both of you.

It’s clearly obvious that trade agreements are far more important than the respect of conservationists worldwide.
Of course they are, what am I thinking?

Political power and economics rule.

The World Wildlife Fund has stated that the International Whaling Commission should reject any new proposal from Japan to resume whaling in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary near Antarctica.

In the meantime, it’s once again up to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and its valiant, unfailing volunteers and supporters, to defend the whales, harass the whalers and ensure no money is made from the Japanese commercial whaling expeditions in the Southern Ocean.
"Scientific" or otherwise.

Because, "the tables are turned, they're the ones who are the criminals".

The world will be watching.

Photo credit: Isabel Ender

Along with fighting the Western Australian government’s application to extend the shark drum line policy and continue the barbaric, controversial shark cull - which has been strongly opposed by hundreds of the world’s top marine scientists and researchers - Sea Shepherd continues to lead global campaigns to protect, defend and conserve the world’s oceans.

"We cannot live on this planet with a dead ocean. If our oceans die, we die."
~ Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

 The best kind of pirate… fierce defender of the oceans.

I make NO apologies for including some of these images. They are the truth in pictures.  If they offend, click away.  If they anger and inflame your sense of justice for what is happening in our oceans, please consider supporting Sea Shepherd – International or Australia


  1. Thank you Vicki. This post says all that I want to say - and a great deal more politely than the words I have been muttering at home.
    I am appalled at how often greed (our greed) trumps compassion. If ever a species deserved extinction it is ours.

    1. I was so incensed, I had to compose myself while writing this - it took a couple drafts before I "settled down".
      You're so right, EC. Compassion takes a far back seat when it comes to greed and political agendas.
      For the good of the people... of course :(

  2. This world makes me so sick.
    The way that we are lied to about absolutely everything.
    The treatment of animals, of children, of women.
    How people would rather turn a blind eye to everything rather than think about it.
    No one but a very few seem to care about anything but themselves.
    The big corporations put people out of work but give multi-million dollar bonuses to CEO's.
    The fact that people KNOW that pigs are as intelligent as a three yr old child, smarter than most dogs and yet there is factory farming.
    People just have to have their bacon.
    They have to go to Sea World, they don't want to take a moment to think about the whales.
    The whaling that continues and yet people refuse to care about.
    The puppy mills. I recently saw a Facebook post where they were showing dogs rescued from a puppy mill and the comments were full of requests for some of the puppies and they had the gall to request colors! I had to comment and say that I would take the oldest, sickest, most in need one they had. These stupid assholes are the same people going to pet stores and supporting puppy mills.
    And what about all those girls kidnapped from the school to be sold?
    Or the heartbreaking images of dead elephants on the ground with their tusks cut out as other elephants stand there and weep?
    Or people that I have actually worked with taking JOY into going out and killing an animal. They defend themselves by saying they do it for food or to thin down the herd so that they don't starve and then they get upset when I say that I understand that motivation but then why do they care how many points or whatever it is that are on the antlers and why do they want the head on the wall. Why are they so Happy to be going hunting? I've told them they should be doing that task with a heavy heart and thanking the deer for their sacrifice and they looked at me like I was insane.
    This world is full of horrible people with no empathy and who worship asinine reality stars.
    Selfish people like Jennifer Lopez parading around in an endangered animal skin as a coat.
    or Michael Vick being given millions to play a stupid game of ball when he tortured, beat, electrocuted dogs.
    A world where kids are hungry, neglected and abused and then taken out of those homes and put into foster homes that aren't much better.
    Foster homes doing it for the money. I know they aren't all like that but many are.
    Or illnesses. Where is all the money going? Why are there no cures.
    My own mother died 43 years ago and they still don't have a cure to cancer.
    Maybe I'm too cynical.
    But I believe they prefer to sell drugs and create more surgeries and accumulate more wealth than to actually cure a damn thing.
    and what about the bees? and...
    ok, I will stop but this post breaks my heart.
    Another example of greed and politics.
    I agree with EC, this world is screaming for extinction.
    The only thing that truly keeps me sane is knowing that they are some people who actually care.

    1. Well said Cindi, you echo my thoughts exactly. Everything.

      And, there is nothing wrong with being cynical, especially when one sees the myriad injustices in this ever colder world. How can one not be?
      I'd rather go in with my eyes open and my heart broken than have the (wool) pulled over my eyes.
      Though, I've shed so many tears till I'm empty and my head pounds.
      I shudder to think of what horrors we don't know of.

      The world is a better place with people like you in it - who take in, and care for, the animals that others pass by.
      To have a heart is to know, without doubt, that it will be broken time and again, but stays open just the same - for the rewards are many.
      Hugs xxx

  3. Sooo sad... :o( "Political power and economics rule." Unfortunately, very sadly, that is true--politics, economics and special interest always seem to rule out. I quite agree with Cynthia about the news--how we are often given only a portion, or just out right lies.... and more (Amen, Cynthia!) It's depressing. We are here to love... we have to love more and more all the time. And more love, and are active in that love, so much the better. I pray for love being what motivates--not power, money, greed, etc. Wonderful post, Vicki! Thank you for keeping the light going on this topic! ((LOVE & HUGS))

    1. It's important to keep fighting in small ways and large. We can't let the bastards of the world win.
      It's heartbreaking though, so often.
      But, with people who won't put up with the injustices, and warriors the likes of Paul Watson - who actually DO rather than talk, there is hope.
      They are the best examples to follow.

  4. EVERY single thing you've said. and EVERY single thing cindi said.
    you know exactly how I feel.
    and I know what it took for you to write this. as you know I did posts like this one on the over fishing and the whales and the factory farms.
    it takes it out of you. but at least it's a voice. and somehow if we do it enough and band together our voices might be heard.
    I will support the sea shepherd all that I can. and I sign every petition that comes in about it on
    I have never respected the Japanese culture of wanton killing. the bay of blood. the annual wholesale slaughter of dolphins. so huge that the entire sea turns to blood.
    what is with those people? why do the people of Japan not see what they are doing? Do they honestly FEEL NOTHING???
    I heard the use of the shark fins are for their delicacy soups and they're popular because they're supposed to make men more virile? DEAR GOD.
    how STUPID is that!!!
    this post should be on the FRONT PAGE of every newspaper in the world. and in every school. and cindi's comment right along with it.
    the paul watsons of the world. where would we be without them? talk is cheap. but we can help with our money support and our feeble attempts at making the world listen. even if we only reach a few.
    thank you for doing this dear one.

    1. I do know how you feel, Tam. We share very similar opinions. Your heartfelt posts reflect that.
      And, I'm very happy to read comments from those who also feel the same - they mean a lot.

      So many people I talk to don't want to know.
      I do understand at times how hard it is to see the pain of others, and how helpless one can feel, as the brutality on a global scale seems so immense.
      But sometimes, one has to see, really see, the pain of the victims, to spark the fire of outrage and to find that voice of justice within.
      Many voices can make a difference.

      We can't fight for every cause - there are so many, and it can be overwhelming. But we can do our bit in our corners of the world.
      And, importantly, we can open our hearts, and support those at the front line by providing the motivation needed to surge onwards and face off against the bullies of the world.

      And, you are one of the many very valued people who give their heart, and voice, for the poor sentient creatures who can't speak.
      Huge hugs ♥

  5. "Indispensable scientific information"
    What exactly are they studying?
    The effects of eating whale meat on the general population?

    Cheats and liars. Including TA.

    Sea Shepherd has my full support.

    1. I know. Stupid empty words that make no sense at all.
      Like all BS politicians, they hide behind their empty words, whilst acting out and enforcing vile deeds.

      Thank you so much for supporting Sea Shepherd, River.

  6. Hi Vicki, I'm here because of our friend Tammy this is terrible - best line in your post is

    "We cannot live on this planet with a dead ocean. If our oceans die, we die."
    ~ Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

    please consider linking your post to twitter - i heard that that traffic and views is more consistent just recently and thought to start my blog on that social sight...just a thought Vicki - everyone needs to know ....

    I mean does anyone really truly know what the ramifications are when we kill sea life, when we dump in our oceans, when they frack our grounds.

    thank you for sharing
    Marisa B

    1. Hi Marisa, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.
      Yes, social media can be an extremely powerful tool in getting the word out to the masses.
      The more we know, the better armed with knowledge we all are.

      And, thank you, for caring too. Kind and compassionate people such as yourself can be a formidable force and ally to animals in need and the environment.

  7. Vicki, I'm on Twitter.
    I just tweeted out the Sea Shepherd quote and a link to this blog post.

    1. You're the best, Cindi. Thank you xxx

  8. Vicki, I join you in calling "Bullshit." I did have to click by some of the photos, although I couldn't see them very clearly anyway due to the tears streaming down my face. Don't apologize for posting these images; people need to be made aware. I belong to Greenpeace, WWF, NRDC and numerous others like them and I can't understand how, will all the support for saving whales, fighting Climate Change, etc., politicians and big corporations blithely and willfully ignore all the laws that have been passed around the world to protect animals, trees and our planet and yet NOTHING HAPPENS TO THEM. Sorry for know me, sometimes I get carried away. I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that so many people just don't seem to get the fact that when the oceans die, we die. When the trees are gone, we're gone.

    Well, sorry for going on for so's comforting to know that there are like-minded people on this globe. We need to be louder and ruder, I to join Sea Shephard International.



    1. Beautiful Victoria, you give so much and have a huge heart. Thank you for supporting Sea Shepherd - these brave, committed fighters on the oceans' front lines.
      We do need to put "politeness" aside when it comes to facing up to the corporate/government bullies of this world. They eat politeness for breakfast.
      We need to dig deep and show them what we're made of - sterner and much better stuff than they are!


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