Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dog Days: April

If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.
~ Woodrow Wilson


  1. Absolutely true - and beautiful.
    And this morning I am doing happy dances - Japan has been told to stop their 'scientific' whaling around Antarctica. No appeals. And I really, really hope they don't break the ruling - or rescind their agreement.

    1. Oh, I too am doing a happy dance! I awoke this morning to an email from the Sea Shepherd saying that "the whales have won". Great news!
      The Southern Ocean Sanctuary is safely now (at long last) just that, SANCTUARY.
      My heartfelt thanks and love go out to Paul Watson and his amazing, dedicated crews.
      I truly hope, wish and pray that the Japanese govt don't ignore the ruling. But, if they do, Sea Shepherd will be there. They can count on that.

      It is my wish that I see an end to whaling in all the oceans of the world before my time is up, and for it to be relegated to the history books.

      This comes at a serendipitous time for me, as my next post is whale related. Stay tuned :)

    2. hhhmmm...much food for thought this! And wonderful news about the whales! :o) Love your dog day/animal features, Vicki! Happy Days ((LOVE & HUGS))

    3. Thanks Tracy. And, yes, it is great news about the whales. A momentous day :)

  2. LOLOL!!!
    OH good lord. how true is that statement.
    i also love what mark twain said. "if dogs don't go to heaven. then i don't want to go there either. i want to go where they go."
    and the best for last..the WHALES! i get tears even thinking about this small victory! no. this GREAT victory.
    FINALLY they have come to realize the WORLD IS WATCHING. and will hold them accountable.
    now if we can just get the damned sea world people to come on board. but. little by little.
    such a fabulous victory it is. i just bawled.
    xoxo my Vicki.
    ♥ furever.

    1. I'm with Twain, life - or rather, afterlife - without dogs would be unbearable.

      It is a huge victory for the whales that have been needlessly slaughtered in their own home, the ocean, for so long. Torn from their babies and families/pods.
      I like to think and hope that my support and donations have helped, in just a tiny way, for this win.

      The world is indeed watching. Hopefully soon, those hideous underwater peep shows will become a thing of the past.
      My heart aches for the beautiful creatures of the sea cooped up in glorified swimming pools.

      Furever ♥

  3. So true! Dogs know. Sweet loves, they know......and sanctuary.....we get gray whale migration off our coast in late winter early spring...to see them---even a vapor (blow) spout is heart shape---is amazing and humbling. I await your next post.....

    1. They do indeed know, Charlene. One only has to look into their eyes to see the knowing.

      The beautiful gentle giants of the seas are so very breathtaking, and yes, humbling.
      My heart jumped for joy at the news yesterday.

  4. Oh yes, indeed. We often actively avoid people that the dog doesn't like.

    Wonderful news on the whaling. I don't understand how Japan (and Norway) have gotten away with that bogus "research" nonsense for decades when the meat ended up as pricey sashimi and karage. Let's hope the UN has the balls to enforce it.

    1. It's funny, I tend to be wary of people that our dog/s have avoided. They know.

      I've never been trusting of the hiding behind scientific research labcoats excuse. And now, there have been admissions citing it was mostly due to "history, tradition and politics".

      I wish to see the day when all whaling in all the seas will end for good. Like yesterday, that will be a very, very happy day.

  5. Well, I was halfway done with a comment, so I will try again.
    I was saying how happy I was to read in the comments about the whales! :)
    and then I was agreeing about dogs. I trust dogs so much more than people.
    Yesterday at work, an owner had to bring in her German Shepherd for a Rabies Quarantine.
    He has to stay with me for 10 days before the vet can give him an all clear exam. The owner was so worried about him being away from her.
    She said that while he wasn't mean, he was aloof and didn't care for strangers some times. We were seated in an exam room and she had him on a long lead. As we talked he walked across the room and leaned against me and I rubbed his head and stroked his ears. The owner's eyes got really big and then she smiled as I told her that he would be fine with me and that I would take good care of him. Today he followed me around the play area as I cleaned the yard. Yep, he knows he could trust me and I him. I wish people were as easy to read. I'm constantly disappointed with them.

    1. Thank you Cynthia - it's so heartening to know that there is SO much love and support for whales and much sentiment against whaling.

      Wish there were more people like you who are true caretakers. And, as your fine example shows, dogs know it. They're in good hands. That's all that matters really.

  6. That is a truly great quote, I love it! I, too, got an e-mail telling of the victory for whales against Japan and my heart and spirit soared!


    1. I might have known that you were closely following Sea Shepherd, Victoria, and that your heart was always with the whales :)
      It's a wonderful victory indeed.
      Now, for the rest of the world's oceans.

  7. You can't fool a dog, they always know.
    I'm also very glad to hear about the whaling decision. It's about time!

    1. No, you can't fool a dog. Very true.
      It's certainly been a long time coming. Sadly, too many whales lost in the meantime.


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