Friday, 21 June 2013

Energies abound!

First, I say farewell to autumn - until next year x

A lot of unusual energy is flowing right now.

I think many of you are feeling it. A little prickle or sensation of... something in the air?

You betcha!

The heightened energies of today's solstice are huge, especially as they are combined with those of the oncoming full moon and, wait for it...

Mercury, as he prepares to go retrograde on Wednesday.

Uh huh. Here we go.

So, the intense atmosphere is palpable.

And, I've a month of markets starting tomorrow. Panic has set in that I don't/won't have enough for the next four weeks, arrrgh!

Oh well. Go with the flow :)

Winter/Summer Solstice

Here's hoping all energies align well for us all.


  1. Oh no! Not Mercury again! I barely survived the last one, haha.
    Definitely feeling some electric air around here, I'm just going to embrace it and go with whatever floats in on the air....

  2. That's all we can do Tracey. Go with it. Who knows what it will bring :)

  3. Happy Solstice, Vicki! I love the contrast of the red leaf with the blue glove. Ugh...Mercury Retrograde! I was hoping to get my oral surgery over with before that, but it had to be moved to the 28th, so....I'll go with the flow!



    1. Oh, I was thinking about your surgery Victoria.
      Maybe, the date has been moved "for a good reason". Gotta think that's the best explanation :)

      Yep, flow is good. Moving energy. So, best go with it I believe.
      Happy summery Solstice!

  4. That is an absolutely gorgeous leaf, set off beautifully by your glove. Your work is beautiful, and I have everything crossed that everyone else realises it and buys you out of house and home.
    Happy solstice!!!

    1. Thank you EC, you're very sweet. I hope they do too - but spaced out nicely over the next four weeks.
      Don't ask for too much do I? :)

      Happy winter solstice!

  5. Winter Solstice Blessings, dear Vicki! LOVE your image--it has such a nice one foot in autumn, one in winter feeling as you open the door to the Winter season. Oh, yes, feeling the Mercury energy right once kind of exciting, but also occasionally needing to remind myself to slow down, think, just don't go tumbling along...LOL! Best of luck with all your market weekends--fun & successful sales for you there. :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))

    1. Hi Tracy, thanks :)
      Yes, the energies are pretty strong right now aren't they?

      Enjoy the chance for a little time out :)

  6. Happy Solstice to you too Vicki! Gorgeous reminder how you celebrate the day in different way than we do here...but it's still that tilt of the earth does bring new things to us!

    1. Energy flows and fresh changes - it's all good Barb!

      Happy solstice celebrations to you on the top-side of the world :)

  7. Woohoo, love the colours in that shot. Happy solstice :)

    1. Wishing you too a solstice filled with great energies, Sue!

  8. Recently I have had this sensation as though something is holding its breath and getting ready to's not a scary feeling more of one that things are going to happen....Happy Solstice, wishes for good sales and happy the brilliant contrast of your photo.......

    1. Exactly! Perfectly said Charlene.

      Thank you, and solstice blessings to you :)

  9. OH NO!!!! not mercury in retrograde again!!!!
    you will have the greatest market ever!
    i feel it in the energy plane. and the top picture could be a painting. love it!
    happy end of autumn dearest v. xoxoxo

  10. I need four of those "great markets" in a row Tam! :)

    Hope your having a lovely, energy-filled, sunny weekend xx

  11. I don't know anything about star positions or retrogrades or whatever, but I hope your markets do well.
    What is it that you sell? Things that you make or grow yourself?
    I haven't consciously celebrated either of the solstices for many years now.
    I did eat apple strudel last Friday, that counts as harvest fruit, right?

    1. Hi River. Apple strudel sounds pretty yummy to me!

      I create ceramics and pottery and love it so much - I'm very grateful that people like it enough to buy it :)
      Here's hoping it remains like that for some time to come!


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