Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Visitors in the lull

My last market stall for the year is this weekend. In between unloading the kiln, packing my huge trusty market basket, packaging, pinning and preparing, I went out to say hello to some regular visitors.

They are always a cheery sight and make me smile with delight when they gather 'round.

We usually have many more. But, it's chilly here today and I think the rest of the clan are out foraging in the forest. I can hear them in the distance, singing and chirping away as the Kookaburras laugh alongside them.

So, I thought I'd take a few snaps and introduce you to the feathered few...

This little pair of Rainbow Lorikeets are the smallest, yet they chatter loudly and are incredibly bossy. Wearing their beautiful plumage with confidence and alacrity, they are endearing little clowns.

When we moved here, beautiful King Parrots were the first to welcome us with their friendly dispositions and sweet, gentle natures. I have a very soft spot for them.

Here, waiting in the wings (sorry, bad pun I know), is a wee Crimson Rosella. They will trill and call from the trees throughout the day, as shots of brilliant red and purple-blue blur past my studio window.

A ghostly apparition in the rafters - a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. They are big, handsome, intelligent and very mischievous. And, did I say LOUD! We try not to encourage them in numbers as they can be very destructive too. But, oh, they are lovely to look at.

And introducing, Mrs Maggie.
Since we have known her, she has raised two generations. Last year, she had two babies to nurture and fuss over. And this year, she has three ever demanding youngsters to feed and show the ways of the magpie world.

Her most dependent fledgling. The other two are off with Dad somewhere in the neighbourhood - never too far away though.
When they grow older, and learn their songs, they will regale us with their wonderfully distinctive chorus. And, when the whole family gather for a session, it really is most impressive!

And so, it's time to say cheerio to my feathered friends and head back to the studio. There is still much to do - and, I've run out of ribbon for the ornaments!!

Bye for now


  1. We hardly ever get Rainbow Lorikeets but we get (and love) the others. Do you ever get Eastern rosellas or Superb parrots? They are heart stealers as well. We do have some of the world's loveliest birds I believe (destructive and loud ones included).

    1. No, we rarely see Eastern Rosellas and I hear the Superb Parrots are under threat, sadly.

      I love birds. We do have some real beauties. I used to adore the Superb Blue Wrens, Firetail Finches, Golden Whistlers and Sacred Kingfishers that used to visit our home in Western Australia.

      And even though they are naughty, I do love the big Cockies. I remember being in awe the first time we moved here and saw one up close in our own backyard - unforgettable :)

  2. Wow... we don't have feathered friends like those here in the far north! Those Rainbow Lorikeets have such wonderful colorations! And how sweet the Crimson Rosella. Gotta get me to Australia one day! ;o) Best of luck with sales & fun with your craft fair this weekend, Vicki ((HUGS))

    1. Yes, we are blessed with some spectacular birds - and all wildlife really. Quite unique!

      If you ever do come to Oz, let me know. There are some wonderful places to show you! :)

  3. i remember singing "kookaberra sits in the old gum tree . . . merry merry king of the bush is he . . . "
    and never really knew what i was singing!
    now look. i've never seen such beautiful birds in the wild. only not in the wild. in your own yard!
    to live in such a paradise. just so fortunate you share it with us!!
    i'm back. tests dreadful. will be the last one i'll do. going to pace myself. and get back to just normal happy healthier habits of eating and exercise. taking lewis's advice to you and not posting every day. LOL. he is a wise one.
    it takes some of us longer to look at a horse shoe apparently.
    good luck on your market show. this will be a good season for you. i feel it. i wish you'd picture your ornaments on the tree! do you use them? you take such beautiful photos. uh oh. sorry for this overlong comment!!! darn.
    pace your own self too. it's a busy time.
    LOVE and MAJOR BEAR HUGS! and nose kisses to my guy.

    1. Ahhh, dear Tam. I'd been thinking about you this morning before I turned on the computer... and, here you are!!
      So nice to 'see you' again :)
      Yes, please do pace yourself, it's so important. And, posting every day is such a huge commitment that it can become stressful. Your readers would rather know you are well and will wait for the next post... whenever YOU are ready :)

      Just found out that there is a vacancy, if I'd like to do ONE more market next Sunday. So, yes, I''l be doing one more!
      I do intend to post some pics for sure, very soon.

      So happy you have dropped by. You brighten my morning - please keep well.
      Huge hugs ♥


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