Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hurry up and slow down

The past two weeks have found me feeling as though I’d been wading through mud uphill and then sliding down the other side, desperately trying to catch a hold of anything that will anchor me long enough to gain composure - to no avail.

Tears on Memorial Day and thoughts tumbling randomly through my mind, distracted me when I really needed to concentrate on the task at hand - preparing for the up-coming three biggest art & craft markets of the year. 
All I wanted was to disappear into a cave like a hermit. No one and nothing seemed agreeable to me. 
I began to wonder why my usually focussed self was playing tricks on me. 

Then, I remembered - the trickster has a name. And, a reputation.

Grasping and shredding my mental notes and throwing them to the emotional winds like confetti, was...

 mischievous Mercury...

perhaps he should be depicted with his middle finger up instead  ;)

... planetary ruler of the mind, communication, travel and technology. 

And, right now, he is reeling backwards and wreaking havoc on our lives - if we let him. 

Most of us are affected to some extent during periods of Mercury retrograde, which happen usually three times a year and last for approximately three weeks. 

A topsy-turvy time of feeling the need to move forward, yet also feeling lethargic, as though we are in a fog or, off-kilter and unsure of how to proceed. 

And even though technically the planet isn’t really moving backwards (it’s an optical illusion), the effect it has on our lives is very real.

It is preferably not the time to undertake new ventures, sign important paperwork or generally make big decisions.
Verbal and written communications/negotiations can be affected and/or mis-leading, so pay attention to what is being said. 

Travelling could result in delays or long queues. Beware of road rages.
Electronic gadgets may 'play up' and the possibility of internet and computer glitches are more likely at these times - back up your data people!

More than ever, we need to mind what we say, and in turn, don’t take off-hand comments from those around us too personally...
Mercury has a way of influencing the tongue :) 

If it’s possible, try to leave the purchase of “big ticket” items until the end of these periods. If that can't be avoided, perhaps consider a good warranty.
And, carefully read all legal documentation.

This is the astrological period of Murphy’s law. And not the easiest of times, especially in a household where a Gemini and Virgo live, since both are ruled by Mercury. I can attest to this personally! 

It’s best to think of Mercury during his backward flowing periods as a cosmic jester - he’ll have a laugh at your expense if you give him the chance.

Generally, retrograde cycles aren’t as bad as some people make out (although some major world events have happened during these times). They can be valuable periods to review and assess areas in our lives which require contemplation and communication with others.
A time to think upon whatever needs improving. So, introspection and revision is required. A deeper perspective.
It’s a good time for solitude and quiet reflection.

Knowing that Mercury is in retrograde can be frustrating at times, but it also helps to understand why things sometimes happen when they do.
These necessary down-times, can lead to huge breakthroughs which could benefit mind, body and soul, if we are open to them. The call is for patience.

We are more than halfway through this cycle, which started November 6th.

I find it interesting that I was feeling at my lowest ebb a week into this phase - on the 13th, the day I published my last post and… on the day of a total solar eclipse!
No wonder I felt the way I did.

It’s also very interesting that this retrograde is focussed on ethics and values - something I felt strongly about and grappled with early in this period. So it makes sense.

With minor (thankfully) electric kiln set backs, mis-communications with market organisers and a general blocking of forward momentum recently, coupled with misunderstandings and last minute application hiccoughs, it is no wonder that the Universe was tapping me on the shoulder and asking me to hurry up and slow down. Listen. It had something to say.

I did a bit of research and found that I was born during a retrograde period. Gasp!
So, it made sense to tap into the backward flow and see what I could learn. Take the time to breathe and, be still.

Bam!  The moment I did, the strongest urge to act on a spur of the moment decision led me to a specific place at the very moment I was meant to be for what looks like a positive future outcome for my creative interests, starting late January 2013.

If I hadn’t gone to that very place, at that very time, on that very day, I may have missed out on the opportunity presented to me. If I hadn’t stopped and listened.

An important lesson for a mercurial Gemini.

The rest of this phase will be dedicated to my (pre-retrograde) planned markets, tying up loose ends and thinking upon projects for the new year.
And a reminder to not lose sight of my creative vision and purpose.

If there is no other lesson to be learned for me but this one, it is that, whether the flow be direct and forward, or retrograde and backward, it is still energy and flow… go with it. 

May the remaining cycle be kind to you, dear readers. And, get ready for a powerful lunar eclipse on November 28th!



  1. thank you so much for this explanation.
    i no longer feel like i'm in a deep dark well but i have moved into a lethargy and a deeply unsettled feeling. i just emailed the marine this morning that i want to move! to sell the house and move to tulsa. he had wanted to do it some months ago and i didn't. now i do and he probably doesn't! lol. i will blame mercury and his middle finger.
    at least i know now that i'm not losing my mind.
    or if i am . . .
    that i have very good company!
    love and hugs from the far side of this crazy world,

  2. That's great Tam. moving house could be just the tonic you need!

    Just remember now to sit tight in the next couple of weeks and slowly start formulating where in Tulsa you might like to be and think on the items you might want to pare down - books, clothing etc.

    Keep it simple for now. When Mercury goes direst again, you can start to approach real estate agents and begin your new future!

    Be aware of the lunar eclipse on the 28th - especially for Gemini, the decisions made can be life changing. So, think on them well.
    Eclipses represent change.
    It can affect relationships, so be true to yourself and what you truly want to do. Be firm, and all will work out :)
    A lunar eclipse emphasises the usual 'full moon emotions' further. Things might feel a little unstable.
    If you feel a little stressed around this time, know that this is due to the change and influence of the eclipse - but, all will be right soon after!
    The time during the six months after the eclipse will have you finding a new you!

    It's all good.

    This lunar eclipse will be the last one for quite some time for Geminis (yay), so the future looks brighter already!

    Hugs xx

    1. oh thank you! all good news and good ideas.
      i won't go off anywhere without him. he's just too important to me now. we're pretty much all we've got.
      something in me is just ready for an adventure. lol.
      but then i wake up tired. LOL. and i think. no. i'm a hobbit caught in this eclipse. :)
      you're a dear.
      keepin' me sane.

    2. Hang in there Tam. Stay cool, calm and collected in this crazy world and you'll do well :)

  3. Very informative post. Explains the ups and downs I've experienced this month. I had this feeling of anxiety all month. I couldn't find the root. Perhaps I need to look up at the stars.....

    1. It's amazing, these planetary influences on us.

      I think it helps, knowing how they affect us at different times - goes a long way to understanding (for me, at least trying to) and accepting :)

  4. ugh, our household is Scorpio and Aries... what a topsy turvy and downright disturbing passage it's been! glad to know it's not just me...

    1. Yep, it's been a rough ride, I'll say.

      Here's to smoother sailing at the end of the year... and beyond! :)

  5. hey gypsy girl! i just thought you should know! i got a compliment from a perfect stranger at the organic foods market on your little bird pin! i told her your blog name. she said "what's a blog?" aaagghhh!!! anyhow. it delighted me. i told her it came all the way from australia. just an artist i know there.
    i felt very la-di-da! LOL.
    i hope you're feeling better from mercury's shenanigans. i am waiting for the post eclipse. only 4 more days!
    XO and major nose kisses for jack.
    a picture couldn't hurt mom.
    you know. for those of us addicted who aren't privileged to see him in person everyday like YOU do.

    1. Haha! Sweet :)

      Yes, much better and balanced feeling now. Hope you are feeling the same?

      Jack is snuffling a biscuit out of a toy right now and looking mighty content :)

      Hugs xx

  6. This is very true. Enlightening post! Mercury retro. is almost done. I'm glad...

    1. It's not over yet Kim!

      Batten down the hatches and wait till the full moon (penumbral) eclipse is over. Changes - beginnings and endings - often happen for many people around eclipses... personally, on the home-front, politically and culturally.

      Although challenging, they can also be clarifying.

      There is also a call for compassion and humanity - qualities your own blog have... in abundance :)

      Stay "tuned".

      Hopefully, with minimal damage and more insight, we can all breathe again very soon.


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