Monday, 15 October 2012

Sunday Morning Snapshot

After a very wet Saturday, we woke to a sun-shiny Sunday morning.

The sky was a soft blue, the leaves sparkling with dew and … uh-oh, I’m in danger of turning this into a cheesy poem!

We had “our” secret magical lake all to ourselves again this morning. That’s not always the case, as it really is the perfect photo op’ for novice and professional photographers.
But, if we get there early, we’re usually in luck.

At the risk of repeating, I’m posting a few (new) pics of our morning walk – I hope you don’t mind, but I really love sharing some of the magic with you.

Then, we went to one of our favourite cafés on the mountain, ‘ripe’.

This is a quaint little old wooden cottage situated in the pretty mountain town of Sassafras. Great food, even better coffee.

And, they make a mean soy hot chocolate! At the bottom of this glass, is a real treat - melted Lindt chocolate. Mmmmm.

Tucked away nicely off the main road, this café seems tiny, but inside is deceptively spacious. And in winter, a welcoming fire is always blazing.

However, it's rare that we ever go inside. Why? Because we usually have Jack with us, of course! :)
I would rather be outside, in all weather, with him than leave him in the car or tied up outside. And if the weather is too unsuitable, well, we simply get takeaway. That’s just us. 
But, we’ve found that we’re not alone.

Ripe café has become a meeting place for locals and their canine companions. And we are very grateful that our pups are welcome there. Not inside of course, but the generous seating area out front under the lovely old birch tree is often graced with wagging tails.

Here’s a regular customer, beautiful "Bella", AKA "the Mayoress of Sassafras". She is a well known and loved identity in the town :)  And, if you look carefully, you’ll see a wee Schnoodle at table 26.

 These two sweeties are waiting patiently for mum and dad

We always have the “chubby gubby” with us - Jack’s back pack. It holds his café essentials like a padded mat to lie on, his collapsible water bowl, a bottle of water, a towel and his other collapsible bowl with a zip lock baggie containing his all important breakfast biccies.

 Um, biscuits perhaps?

Now that he’s a senior citizen, Jack gets lifted into and out of the car – wanna save those old bones and ligaments as much as possible – not mine, his.
“I’ll get Jack, you get the chubby gubby”, one always says to the other. Oh dear.

Still waiting here… hello?

Quick story about “the chubby”. A few years ago, I decided I wanted to find a good backpack to fit all of Jack’s stuff in – instead of the old shopping bag we used. A doggie travel bag.
When out and about one day, I passed, then went into, a baby store.
I found the perfect bag.
While paying for it, the woman at the counter asked me, “buying this for the new grandchild?”
Without thinking, I replied, “no, it’s for my baby”, and walked out with the bag under my arm.
As I walked away, I realised I left the poor woman with her mouth open. It was too late to go back and explain, so I decided to leave her to her imagination :)

So, this morning was the perfect start to our Sunday.

And, Jack did get his biscuits. Of course.


  1. oh where to start!
    i LOVE this post.
    finally enough pictures of jack!
    i could do with one every single time :)
    first i thought how beautiful was sweet bella's smile. she really is smiling. and so beautiful.
    and then!
    there sits jack. looking up grinning. wanting that biscuit. posing if he must mum. WHEN????
    oh please more glimpses of your beautiful life in that aussie land.
    i still find that 'garden' hard to believe.
    and you can walk there free? wonderful!
    and ps.
    still laughing at that store lady. good to give'em a little shock now and then. LOL.

  2. Yes, I am so grateful that we can walk there, free. They used to charge, years ago.
    There is a donation box at the front that we drop coins into.

    More pics of Jack very soon :)

  3. MAGIC...yes...keep the magic coming, Vicki! Flora, fauna, coffee and Jack... perfect combo! ;o) A great Sunday there. It rained here. But there was coffee to keep warm! Happy Week ((HUGS))

    1. Thank goodness for coffee!
      Have a wonderfully creative week Tracy :)

  4. Oh.My -- that soy hot chocolate looks amazingly delicious. Must make one in the microwave soon!

  5. Indeed, it is delicious - very decadent! I am a lover of soy hot chocolate and hadn't tasted anything quite like how they make it. The Lindt chocolate is the 'secret' :)

  6. Hi, again, Vicki! I'm back to let you know that you won my giveaway for the monoprint cards I made--HOORAY! I included you in my post today. I was looking here for some contact/email info for you here at your blog, but not finding it. When you get a chance, please email me your street address info and I'll send the cards off to you. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

    1. Tracy! You've just made my day, er, night actually!!
      I'll get in touch with my addie - so excited! Thank you :D

  7. LOL!
    i just stopped by to take another walk in the park and see my favorite
    blue dog grinning at me.
    i'm getting a kick watching rosemary discover her microwave magic! :)
    and the cards from tracy are a treat!
    love and hugs comin' your way little ozzie.

    1. More of Jack's smilin' face soon :)

  8. Rewinding to visit this post, to let you know how Beauty-Full I find these pics of your special place to be. Thank you for sharing more glimpses. xxxj

    1. Thanks Jaihn! So glad I can share it too :) xx


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