Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Warning! Intensive photo post ahead :)

Ten years and ten months ago, this chubby little silver grey bundle bounded into my life... and, I was besotted.

From the very moment I held him, we were inseparable and, he became a much loved member of our family.

Always the centre of attention, he has charmed with his cheeky character, his antics, his intelligence, his utter gentleness, his amazing guardsmandog ship, his unflinching loyalty and his unconditional love.

You're invited to share in the celebration of Jack's eleventh birthday and get to know him a little better.

Here he is, throughout the years.

grrr, you're not so big, you ball you!

I is tired - clothes out, me in

is everybody watching me?

I love yoga - especially the upside downward dog pose

I'm a great singer!

 huh? I'm not hiding anything - I dunno where that box got to!

c'mon in, the water's fine!

 are these mushrooms magic, mum?

 look, I really need a biscuit, I'm starvin' down here!

I collect kindling, one stick at a time


my partner in crime...Sunny

I'm a lounge lizard, er, dog 

ahh... cuddle time on the couch with mum and Sunny

Though sweet and absolutely gentle,

I'm real gentle, aren't I mum?

he takes his guard duty seriously.

 halt! who goes there? 

And, his patience is something to behold...

Christmas 2011
can I open it now? can I, can I, can I?


all right, I'll wear it - 5 minutes, tops!

aww, my ball popped mum!

Many miles we've travelled together - thousands, across the land.

from country bumpkin

to city slicker

 I'm Aussie through and through

We’ve been through many experiences together and hopefully, many more.

Ever by my side. My little shadow.
We’ve forged a bond, he and I.


He’s slowing down now. His walks are ambles and stops are more frequent. 
He spends longer reading the ‘wee-mails’ left by other dogs - processing their news and data, lost in contemplation.
His bursts of energy - or, 'wig out sessions' - are much fewer and farther between naps. 

His right eye sees less than it used to. I take care to approach that side carefully so as not to startle him.
The sparkle hasn't left it though. That knowing is still there, deep down and way back – he doesn’t need good sight for that. When he looks at me, there is a connection that transcends the first level of this sense.

But, the squeak of a toy will rally the puppy in him and the call to play begins! Though, not for too long now, as he tires quickly. 
And, the promise of a biscuit guarantees a smile and a bark of excitement!

Car trips are always considered with him in mind. He loves a journey – big or small. Every outing is an adventure!

We’ve been considering a ramp that we can place in the car for his entry and exits – he waits so patiently for his pick ups and place downs. The result of a long ago injury is beginning to be a constant in his life. He's not to jump in or out of the car - too much potential for damage. At least he loves his vet, Prue - who adores him in return, when he visits for his arthritis shots.

These days with Jack are especially precious. His clan is everything to him. And... the feeling is mutual.
He is such a huge part of our lives and an important presence in our home and, in our hearts. 

And so today, his special day, started with his usual sleep-in on our bed – he climbs on when hubby gets up :)

Then, the big present-ation...

 how embarrassing, but, I'll do wear whatever it takes

A few clicks of the camera and then... it's a free for all!

 yay, new toys! 

Some quiet time while I clean up. 

Followed by a walk down Poet's Lane - a lovely name for a lovely walk.

And, on to the George Tindale Gardens for some sensory overload. 

All in all... 

 ...it was a good day!

Happy birthday wee blue boy - my shadow.  Big kisses on your Bentley Mark. Love you xxx


  1. oh my god vicki.
    i knew i liked jack. but now i'm just in love.
    i started out ooh-ing and aww-ing over the little puppy - like you do with puppies - then i saw his spirit. the inside jack. i laughed and then i felt tears and then at the end of the post i just felt good again. you took me on a ride girl. he's as gorgeous and noble looking as rin tin tin. beautiful. and then he gives you that goofy biscuit grin and there goes your heart AGAIN!
    that big sweet lug. i want to kiss his bentley mark too! you're so lucky to get to. i'm glad he can sleep anywhere he wants. lol.

    and the name of 'sunny' just cracked me up.
    i'm sorry. but he's a totally BLACK kitty. lol.

    thank you for this post. i'll be visiting it often.
    and hey . . . i just LOVE my little 'chubby owl' pendants! i left (or tried to leave a message) on etsy. i hope it went through. THANKS!

    1. Everyone who meets Jack ends up loving him, he is such a good boy. His character never fails to charm!

      I'll give him a kiss on his Bentley mark - just from you :)
      Hugs xx

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  3. A loving and poetic post...Happy Birthday, Jack!

  4. Thanks Charlene, and a big thank you "woof" from Jack :)

  5. i'm visiting again. told ya!
    i had to see that little blue face.
    oh jack.
    bear hugs boy.
    bear hugs.

    1. and, snuffly wet nose rub and a lick on the cheek back atcha... from Jack of course!! lol :D

    2. YES!
      thank you sweet blue boy.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet Jack! LOVED this walk down memory lane and all the photos... May the ramp help--a good idea. Our kitty Charlie is 12 year old this year, we feel very fortunate that he is keeping well in his older boy years. :o) Cuddles to Jack! ((HUGS))

  7. It is nice to have a chronicle - like an online photo album :)

    Nose smooch from Jack :)xx

  8. i'm back. i've actually been back sometimes without saying anything! LOLOLOL.
    you just might have to keep this post up forever!
    you don't even have to reply to my reply.
    i just can't seem to help myself. lol.
    i had to have my blue boy fix before going to bed. that smilin' little jack.
    love you boy,

  9. i couldn't remember if your birthday is may 22 or may 24.
    i came to home in a heart beat thinking i'd find a clue and you wouldn't know how bad i am with dates!
    jack's birthday and the post just before this one... i listened to his video again. that little yelp hello! oh be still my heart.
    dearest vicki... like a daughter... like a best friend i've never even met... like mum of the best dog in the WORLD...
    like lovin' you dearest girl. all the way across that deep blue sea.
    happy birthday! whichever day it is! LOLOL.
    ... furever. ♥

    1. Thank you sweet Tam. You're right on time... it's tomorrow!
      Hugs and licks ♥♥


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