Monday, 26 October 2015

Celebrate Spring!

Returning to the present for now, yet sticking with the garden theme…

On Saturday, hubby and I headed out for a drive to the stunning Yarra Valley.
It was a pretty, softly sunny spring day – just perfect for a garden visit.

Turning into a driveway lined enticingly with gloriously red, red roses, we arrived at Alowyn Gardens – which consists of 7 acres of mixed formal and informal areas.
Within this green and floriferous haven, there are approximately 500 trees, vast organic vegetable gardens that include luscious berries, fruit trees and herbs, a nursery where one can ponder upon plant purchases, and a charming courtyard café.

The star of the garden every spring is the Japanese Wisteria arbour.

Stretching to the garden's centre, and continuing on past, it is one of Australia’s largest wisteria walks, and boasts a truly glorious display. Sadly we weren’t able to get there in time this year, but we marvelled at the deep emerald green shade the arch provides.
Hopefully next year, we’ll return when it is in its fully glory and while away time under the pendulous purple racemes – the longest has been recorded at 1.6 metres!

Since the garden’s beginnings, there has been a strong emphasis on recycling, with most of the materials gained from local sources. An intense composting system enriches the soil. All water run off is collected and returned back to the plants, and solar powered pumps run the fountains and water features.

So now, come with me as we amble through these lovely gardens, taking our time to stop and smell the many, many roses in their first flush, while I get my rose fix...

Even though romantic "old world" Pierre de Ronsard has only the subtlest of scent - and can "ball" badly after rain - he still finds a place in our hearts.

The tiered fountain is the central focal point of the garden, and many vistas lead the eye back to it.

Gates beckon us beyond them.

Meander through the beautiful birch forest.

Wander past mysterious mini monolithic meeting places.

And visit an old replica miner’s cabin, which is now home to birds of all kinds.

Happen upon cool shaded nooks that welcome weary travellers.

Watch hoverflies and bees busy themselves among bountiful blooms.

Subtle sculptural features are dotted throughout.

This is made from discarded horse shoes.

Irresistible iris flank a long pond.

Pretty parterres and productive potagers.

So many tempting paths.

 Which way now?

Rest awhile by the wetlands, and listen to the songs of the many birds who call this magical place, home.

Take a moment to appreciate the waterlilies on a small lake.

Chairs welcome the guests of a happy couple.  It’s a nice day for a white wedding…


Stop, once more, to smell the roses.

Enter the charmingly rustic, maple lined courtyard café.

 So pretty

Reminders of days gone by.

Oh my gourd!

After a coffee, saunter through the small but neat nursery.

And finally, once more outside, look up the hill...

... for a sneak peek to where we head next - which will be a unique, colourful feast for the eyes... and tummy.   To be covered in my next post, in a few days.

But for now, we leave here happy and inspired.


  1. I've skimmed this and will savour it later... the people I love the most are those who create beauty for others.

    1. I so agree. This couple have poured, not only money, but their blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul into creating a sustainable and incredibly beautiful haven for us all to enjoy.
      And, I'm so very grateful to them, and others who do the same.

  2. What an absolutely GLORIOUS place. Heart balm at its very best.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Isn't is lovely?
      And it does do the heart, and creative mind, a world of good :)

  3. Vicki, what a wonderful post. Thanks to your photos and commentary, I feel like you and I have strolled through those beautiful gardens together. While reading this I could swear I smelled roses!

    Where the path forked, I chose the left path...



    1. And, it was lovely to have you along, Victoria :)
      The scent of rich roses permeates the ether and lingers in our minds always, I think.

      I chose the left path too, for it led to a wilder part of the garden, where one could be happily lost for hours.

  4. Ooo.... this was a HUGE treat to see, Vicki! Looks like summer already there, and she's giving you kisses. ;o) We're in full autumn here now, so really enjoying all these roses you're sharing... *SWOON*... But what a place, over all... I could live there! Thanks for taking us along! Glad to catch up with you. I've been MIA a couple weeks due to some very full days. And when are they note, right?! LOL... Happy Days ((HUGS))

    1. It is truly a lovely place - anywhere where there's so many roses is heaven to me :)
      Hope you're enjoying a glorious autumn there, Tracy.

  5. oh my gourd is right!!! LOLOL. I loved that.
    i always love it when you take us places... whether it's spending the night in a lighthouse or walking through an enchanting garden like this.
    it's another world for me!
    i can see that i would have to go with somebody. i would get lost for sure.
    i loved it all. but when i saw the bottom of that little bee buried nose first into that fragrant yellow flower... my heart just melted.
    can you imagine having that for your job? flitting from one exquisite bloom to the next . . .
    and then i guess on a rainy day they just enjoy staying home in the hive! visiting with all their co~workers!
    thank you for this trip!
    i await the next post!!! XOXOXO♥

    1. Very happy you came along, Tam. And, getting lost in paradise for a day isn't such a bad thing :)

      Bees are so delightful - and so very important to our planet. These hardworking little guys are at extreme risk in the Northern Hemisphere. Sign any and every petition you can to help the fight to save them.
      Humans can not survive on sterile monocultures, despite what the chemical companies say.

      Love and hugs ♥

  6. Happy sighhhhhh.... Magical........

    Happy Pumpkin hugs,
    "The Nana Witch"

    1. It is magical. Glad you enjoyed the visit, Tessa.

  7. Oh how I wish I could walk through those gardens!
    My sister and I go to a certain gardening nursery every year and it's such a treat.
    We love looking at the displays and all the flowers that are not easily obtained at local garden centers
    but that is NOTHING compared to THIS!

    Those roses had me at Hello! LOL!
    You definitely could make a very nice day of it, taking in all the beauty and fine art of gardening.
    I think it's brilliant to have the nursery at the end.
    I would feel so inspired that I'd want to fill several carts and I'd leave with grand ideas of my own garden.

    We are having full fledged Fall right now.
    I love this weather too.
    If only it would last a bit longer!
    Thank you for taking me on this visual trip!

    1. I wish you could come walk through them too, Cindi :)
      But, at least you enjoyed the virtual visit.

      I know, I found it very hard to resist buying anything from the nursery. I kept telling myself that there will be time to buy plants in the near future, and is a great excuse to come back to these gardens.

      Enjoy your wonderful autumn - still my most favourite season.

  8. What a fabulous place! I'd have to be there a week to be sure I didn't miss anything.
    I hear you channelling Billy Idol there :)

    1. It is a place that definitely benefits a few visits.
      Nice catch on the Billy Idol reference, River :)


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