Sunday, 5 April 2015


Harry is rationing the little eggs. But, he doesn't know that I have two Lindt chocolate bunnies in my drawer, heh heh :)

In this politically-correct, heavily consumerist age, where easter eggs are termed "spring spheres" (no, I'm not kidding) and arguments rage about whether one should/shouldn't celebrate easter if one isn't christian, and whether the southern hemisphere should/shouldn't celebrate easter when it is clearly not spring, I will say anyway...  Happy Easter everyone!



  1. And to you and yours.
    I hope your day was filled with chocolate, with love and with laughter.
    Every time I see Harry he looks better and better.

    1. The day is filled with a long sleep in (boy, have I needed it), smiles and cuddles and of course chocolate. Lots of chocolate!
      I feel VERY spoiled because my son's girlfriend works for a "high end" chocolatier. Sooooo, I've been delighting in a touch of quality on my tongue :)
      Soon, hubby and I will be taking a trip to a bookshop that I've wanted to visit for ages - they are open from noon til 5pm.
      A perfect day indeed :)

      Harry is maturing nicely, and he is a wonderful studio companion. I adore him.

  2. Look at Harry being all important there! He's so gorgeous.
    I haven't over-indulged in the chocolate this year. I did buy Lindt bunnies for myself and ate them before Easter, so decided to buy one more to have today. Unfortunately there wasn't a single Lindt bunny left in the store, only a few dozen Cadbury varieties and other brands I don't recognise.
    but that's okay, I had the bunnies before Easter and that's enough really.

    1. He certainly is :)
      I'm glad that my son bought the Lindt bunnies ahead of time and kept them for Easter Sunday.
      As discussed at your blog, the "cheaper" Easter chocolate just doesn't taste the same anymore, sadly.
      And, Lindt at anytime is a good time ;)

  3. I think Harry might have been eating some of those eggs because he has a particularly happy look on his face, ha ha. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter, Vicki...and don't let Harry know that you're going to eat bunnies, even if they are chocolate! (I always bite the ears of first, how about you?)



    1. Yes, I think he's snuck a few mini eggs. No fair that he's hogging the basket :D
      He didn't find out about the bunnies... he'd be mortified!

      Oh yes, choccie ears first, always :)

      Have a lovely Easter, Victoria!

  4. he's just ALIVE!
    and i love that he loves lindt dark chocolate truffles. ahem... my favorite.
    are you kidding me? spring spheres? i'm sorry but LOLOLOLOL! oh good grief charlie brown.
    i just now got notice of your new post.
    it had to cross three oceans a satellite a bus and two trains apparently.
    wouldn't have missed harry for the world.
    old hare. oh i love him. xoxo ♥
    but not as much as beloved blue boy. hug him for me. xo♥

    1. I know, this world is going just a wee bit nutso with the "correctness".
      Spring spheres - pfffft, I say :)

      Might have a pic of both of J & H in the near future...

  5. Oh he is perfect for this Holiday!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))))))))

    Golly geeee yes! So much political correctness and etc., etc., etc. LOL...

    This photo is just the cutest Easter photo, I have seen!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

    1. He is perfect for this holiday, Tessa, thank you :)
      Sometimes, I think the world has gone a little mad with political correctness...

  6. I love that photo!
    Harry looks so sparkly and magical.
    Hope your Easter was fun and that you enjoyed your chocolate!
    It does seem that so many people are offended, at least people on Facebook.
    People ranting against bunnies, just like they rant against Santa.
    I shall keep my opinion to myself, at least over on Facebook.
    Seriously, some of those people kinda scare me.
    Happy Rabbit Day!

    1. I know, fb can be the worst for that kind of thing. Faceless Facebook.
      Yes, I enjoyed my chocolate, and hubby enjoyed his (much needed) four days off :)
      As far as (easter) bunnies go, this was a time of year when pagans celebrated spring - fertility and renewal at the festival of Ostara and, fertile rabbits were considered sacred to the goddess Ostara. So, it pre-dates christianity.

      And, Harry doesn't care - he's a hare... for all occasions ;)

      Hope you had some time off and a rest, Cindi.
      Take care of you and your wonderful furry crew.

  7. Oh, Harry, you're the best! Eggs, chocolate or otherwise, are all very sacred. They should be celebrated as givers of life and joy and hope. We had our Easter egg hunt, egg salad sandwiches (and shhh....deviled eggs.) And gave blessings that spring has arrived---here in drought-ridden California we even got some rain and snow! I do hope you had a chocolate egg or two---as Harry is a gentlehare, I'm sure he shared. :)

    1. ..."givers of life and joy and hope". Wonderfully said.

      So happy to read that you've had some rain and snow in your corner of the world, Charlene. I hope there will be more life giving rain.

      Yes, Harry is a kindly gentlehare, and the eggs were shared generously :)


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