Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hare, there, everywhere

An anonymous photo was sent to me this morning...

Recently spotted in a swanky French-style café.

When asked about this, Harry said that he, “wanted to be alone with his thoughts for a while”.

I think he’s been watching old Greta Garbo movies.  Heaven forbid if he sees Casablanca. 

“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world…”

I must admit, poor Harry has been quite busy supervising me in the studio in preparation for this Saturday's market, so he does deserve some alone time.
I'm just awfully glad there are no "bunny bars" anywhere nearby  ;) 


  1. Harry looks very dapper, even sophisticated. I hope he allows you to join him when he has finished (mentally) re-ordering the world.
    And I hope your markets attract the success you deserve.

    1. Harry does look dapper :)
      He highly recommends the vegetarian baguette, and says the coffee is superb and the traditional French patisserie... exquisite.
      Quite the palate.
      Re-ordering the world is hungry/thirsty work it seems ;)

  2. Harry looks like he is eyeing that cup of coffee with delicious anticipation! I think you should let him watch Casablanca...wouldn't you love to hear his impersonation of Humphrey Bogart? But, oh my, let's hope he doesn't discover any previously unknown "bunny bars" when he wanders!

    I'm sending you "big sales" wishes for your markets! :)



    1. I think he is honing his skills on the old greats. His sophistication is being cultivated nicely :)
      Yes, he does have a touch of Bogart...
      Fortunately, there are no bunny bars in the vicinity. None that I know of anyway.

      Thank you for your market wishes, Victoria xx

  3. just keep him away from hugh hefner and the bunny mansion.
    but then...
    i think he is far too worldly and elegant to fall for that hooter type silliness.
    i see him more as 'harry bond' perhaps. yes. harry bond. well. maybe hare bond.
    i think your market is going to be the best you've ever had. i can just tell!
    surely harry will be your proud mascot sitting there. as one of the family. and...
    well ... quietly getting all the attention. ♥

    1. Special Agent Harry Bogart-Bond, perhaps?
      Who knows, maybe he is masquerading as a café customer whilst undercover as Mr O'Hare...
      Would explain his being out at odd hours.

      Harry will definitely be "stall companion" this Saturday.
      And, I hope he is admired rather vociferously :)

  4. Oh my! It looks like Harry does know the best places to go.
    He's sure to have a lot of tales to tell!
    I hope that some day he allows you to get a close-up photo of his face.
    I'd love to see those eyes!
    Hope you have the best market yet!

    1. Harry certainly will have many tales to tell.
      His eyes have a twinkle in them and he always has a wink when I look at him :)
      You'll see them up close one day soon enough, I should think.

      Thank you for your market wishes, Cindi - with Harry there, I'm sure it'll be interesting!

  5. oh my, this sunday's market!!!! hope he has a wonderful time. and that you do well.

    the season begins, I guess!

    and do you have some relatives of Harry, for people to purchase? hope so, or you will really have to keep him, under lock and key. many will want him, I'm sure!!!!!

    hugs, Tessa~

    1. Thanks Tessa.
      Harry is quietly excited about his first market, for sure.
      He may have a few admirers, but he will never agree to go with anyone else - he told me so :)
      I have a few smaller hares for the stall. We'll see how we go...

  6. Perhaps he is readying himself for Saturday's debut...oh la la...he will meet quite a few admirers...he has a bohemian aura, too. I keep hearing the old 60's song "You belong to me." Best wishes for a hopping crazy market day!

    1. Yes, you've nailed it Charlene, he is bohemian. And, sophisticated, mysterious, cheeky, independent and charming.
      A hare of many styles :)

      Interesting you bring up the 60's song (Dylan perchance?) and, in reference to Tessa's comment above about him not being for sale, I think the song lyrics echo our sentiments...

      Thank you for your market well wishes :)

  7. Well, now... doesn't Harry look right at home. And his coffee matches his birthday suit. ;o) He does have a very bohemian air...very suave... VERY hypnotizing eyes, he has! Some gal is gonna be lost to him! ;o) He's so beautiful! Wishing happy sales and fun at the market this weekend, Vicki! ((HUGS))

    1. He's an old soul I think - those eyes :)
      Thank you for your market well wishes.
      Have a lovely weekend in your beautiful corner of the world, Tracy :)

  8. Harry does look very sophisticated, he has quite the gentleman about town air.

    1. Sorry for the late reply River...

      He certainly knows his way around town these days :)

  9. Haha! Unlike 'real' hares, Harry actually looks like he's got some thoughts with which to be alone :D Maybe next time he'll upgrade his movie to Dirty Harey; or become a Superhareo!! I think he's awesome - you've got a gift for making the hares transcend reality. I know they're not real (ie animate), but somehow they're in a real alternate universe. Well done, and I hope there are many more!

    1. Thanks Red! There will be more.
      Yes, I do pronounce his name "Harey" in a drawl. And so his moniker of DH stuck :)

      I do think they are quite animate when away from us humans. I think they can easily cross the threshold between worlds.
      They are canny - and un-canny - characters :)


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