Friday, 8 August 2014

Wake up!

car cat alarms

For everyone who has (or has had) cats in their life.

I love the big fluffy ginger at the end, sitting patiently by the bed.

So sweet.... and persistent :)


  1. We have had a number of VERY effective cat alarms. Some of them distinctly antisocial.
    The late lamented Medlyn piddled on the smaller portions head twice. Which woke me, so I woke the skinny one.
    The same cat used to shovel books out of the bookcase on my side of the bed. I don't think it is possible to sleep through a rain of books.
    And Jazz has two alarm settings.
    He tenderly pats (paddy paws only) his high and skinniness's face. He reaches under the bedclothes and rakes my side - and I wake up bleeding. Not fair.
    So not fair.
    And yes, that patient ginger moggy was a charmer. Cute video - thanks.

    1. So.... kitty piddles on SP's head, and it wakes you up? The trickle effect? The smell? Or, you're a light sleeper?
      Being shocked out of a deep sleep by a rain of books would be frightening!
      No, not fair that Jazz does that to his mum. Naughty, bad, wicked Jazz.
      But maybe, he goes by the saying, "you always hurt the ones you love the most"??
      I'm sure deep down, he loves you very much :)

  2. Ginger cats are the BEST alarm clocks! I know about this, because I have a fur-ginger! ;o) haha... Oh, this is fun to see today... thanks for the fun, Vicki! Happy Days ((HUGS))

    1. You're welcome Tracy.
      Hugs to your own special ginger-marmalade alarm clock, Charlie :)

  3. My Ghost lays next to me, staring and so softly lays his paw on my cheek. I will move it, then drift off to sleep only to awake with him laying across my throat!
    He's been stalking me so much lately that I took him in and had bloodwork run just to make sure he was OK.
    He is.
    Now I'm sort of worried about ME.
    I mean you've heard about the cat in the nursing home that lays on the bed of the next person about to die, right?
    Yeah, kinda unsettling.
    (Hmm. I should do a post about that! LOL!)
    anyway, LOVED the video!

    1. Oh Cindi! Don't go there! Don't even think about it... you're healthy and well. You're healthy and well. You're healthy and well. Repeat :)
      Besides, you have much writing and illustrating to do. There are people out there who're waiting for the story of Big Hearted Blue and friends ;)

      Ghost just loves you to bits, and wants you to really know it, that's all. That's all :)

  4. OMG !!! i love this!
    i'm hoping those little paws were soft and not claws!!!
    you find the best stuff!
    enough with the exclamation points. LOL. !!!

    1. I think (mostly) it looks like just the velvety pads. I imagine claws might come out if the owners don't wake up in time for breakfast, lol.
      I found a link from the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue fb page, and loved it.

      Hope all is well with you, dear Tam. I'll head over to your blog after taking Jack for his morning - and very wet, rainy - walk...

  5. I love it!
    I wish Angel would pat me awake instead of licking my nose or chin.
    Perhaps when he is older.

    1. Perhaps the youthful exuberance of licking will give way to a more mature, genteel patting :)

  6. That was so adorable! I think the kitty who placed its paw over the guy's mouth wasn't trying to wake him up, but trying to stop him from snoring. Thanks for posting this, Vicki, it gave me lots of laughs. My kitty Sophia licks my nose to wake me up, but if that doesn't work, she shrieks in my ear. That ALWAYS works...Sophia is not a patient little person, alas.



    1. Haha! I think you're right!
      Our furkids have funny individual little quirks... and that's why we love them so much :)

  7. ot but... so glad your drought broke and you are having an old fashioned winter. for the water supply, that is. ,-) old fashioned winters can be a chore, to get through. but you will be coming to spring soon. where we will be facing winter. :-))))



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