Monday, 14 April 2014

Misty Moments

Just a short post as I continue to prepare for the big Easter market this weekend.

A late night finishing up glazing for today's firing, has my brain as foggy as the photos I took on a recent evening walk.
The condensation was so very thick, that the heavy moisture played havoc with the camera.

But, the atmosphere was deliciously eerie.

The wheel is turning, and the nights are cool. An extra blanket goes on the bed.
Soon, the whole mountain will be painted in golden-russet hues.

Autumn is here.


  1. How I love your photos in the mist. And that kookaburra is so very, very special. Autumn is coming our way too - and is more than welcome.
    How long before you can relax and be a bit kind to yourself? After Easter, or are you going to continue to whip yourself?
    Hugs. Take care - you are much more important than the markets.

    1. Thank you EC.
      And, you know how much I love your stunning sunrise/sunset photos.
      Autumn is always so welcomed isn't it?

      Things will settle - a little - after Easter markets. As I rely on my art for income, I'm always searching for venues to tide me over in the market-scarce winter months.

      But yes, a breather will be nice - more sculpting opportunities. Birds, perhaps :)

  2. Beautiful, atmospheric images - and a lovely picture of the kookaburra. I love those birds and their jolly laugh - we have no kingfishers of any sort here and they are another bird I miss seeing.

    Everything is looking very autumny in your neck of the woods. I rather like autumn with the colours, the crispness in the morning and evening air and the delicious fogs that wrap everything in mystery.

    You sound very busy - I do hope that you have a very successful Easter market. I have nothing but admiration for creative, artistic people who can paint, draw, sculpt etc. and take inspiration from the world around them to create something beautiful. Alas I have no artistic talents, but I wish I did.

    1. Thank you Marie. It has been a busy lead up to Easter.

      The kookaburra is wonderfully unique isn't it? We used to be visited by a Sacred Kingfisher when we lived near Albany in W.A. Beautiful little bird.
      Autumn is my favourite season, and am so glad it is here. Looking forward to the wonderful colour changes in the landscape, and snuggling deep under the doona at night :)

  3. WOW...such dreamy images, Vicki! All the best for your market/show this coming weekend! Hope you sell some whales! A busy week here. TJ's off work as we try to get this house into shape post-painting for family/guests Easter weekend! I may be offline a bit. ;o)((LOVE & HUGS))

    1. Thanks Tracy.
      Sounds like a very busy week for you and TJ. All your hard work will have paid off, and very soon, you'll be able to take some well deserved time out and enjoy the company of your family and friends.
      Have fun :) xx

  4. a beautiful post. there is just something about the mist. i love it. and the way it sounds.
    going into my favorite time of the year where you are.
    i will visit this post as the temperatures climb here into the HEAT!
    holding wonderful successful thoughts for you on your market. you've worked so hard.
    and always look forward to pictures of it. IF you have enough energy left over! XOXO♥

    1. The evening mists have been so lovely lately. Completely muffling out all other sounds. It seems very other-worldly, and my vivid imagination takes over, as I stand shrouded from everywhere and everything, for a brief moment in time.

      I hope you're enjoying your lovely spring walks, and wish that it doesn't heat up too soon for you dear Tam.

      Thank you for your wishes for the market - I hope it's a good one. Must remember to take the camera with me this weekend :)

  5. I can breathe in that mist--misty days of autumn are so hauntingly beautiful---your photographs have captured it. We are in spring here and so the mist looks different. It is a bit edgier in the spring. And to see a kookaburra in the mist--what a lovely evening walk you have taken us on---

    1. I agree Charlene, the mists of autumn and spring are quite different, and have their own special qualities.
      I was pleased that the kookaburra sat long enough for me to take a photo.

  6. What about last night, hey? An extra blanket went on top of the extra blanket and I wore a long-sleeved top to bed as well and yea, it was all so toasty that I slept heavy for eight hours. Bliss!

    These photos are just geee-or-jus. Don't you just love the fogginess of the hills and how enchanting it makes everything? The rain and the fog have always felt to me oppressive when living in an area that has a reasonably high concentration of concrete. When the tree ratio outweighs the concrete, the magic descends :)

    1. I know! I slept heavily and well last night too, all snuggled under the doona. The cold does that I think, as we prepare to hibernate :)

      And, I agree. These deliciously dense mists and fogs on our mountain and amongst the trees, take on a fairy-tale like atmosphere of another place and time.

  7. Oh, I love those photos!
    Walking in a fantasy land.
    I wish you great success at the Easter market!
    Funny that you are having Autumn, it always slips my mind how we are opposite.
    Saturday the temps were up to 82 degrees and I slept with the windows open and a fan going.
    Today it snowed and I've turned the furnace back on.
    I wish that Spring would come and stay awhile.
    I'm afraid that it's just going to turn into Summer one day.
    (I just Googled Kookaburra) and you have the coolest creatures in your part of the world!
    xoxo - Cindi

    1. Thanks Cindi!

      We do have some pretty cool creatures here. And, I am always totally amazed at the wonderful wildlife you have in the US.
      I have to admit to a tinge of envy when our summer approaches, and there are many blog posts about autumn, and Halloween, in October.
      I find myself missing autumn terribly then. So, I'm revelling in the season now.

      You've certainly been experiencing a seesaw in temps over there. I hope everything settles down soon, and you can enjoy a balmy spring before the heat of summer arrives.

  8. As we are just warming up, you are cooling down. The images are so beautiful, makes me miss the coast where we had fog so often, I loved it!

    1. Thanks Tracey.
      It's always amazing to me, that when we're having winter, elsewhere in the world, it's sweltering, and vice versa :)
      I'd miss the haunted beauty of fog if we moved away.

  9. I love that last photo with the leaves glowing through the mist. I love mist anywhere and it makes for spectacular photos.

    1. I do too. It makes my heart skip a beat knowing there is more colourful splendour to come.
      Autumn trees in the fog - a wonderful combination.

  10. What beautiful photos! In the last one, the leaves look like they're made from citrines and garnets...just gorgeous. We get those kind of days up here in the spring sometimes, only it's not really fog. At this elevation we're wrapped in clouds, so I've always called those kind of days "Spring Cloud Days." I love to think of you and yours being safely past fire season, and I can't wait to see more of your beautiful photographs of autumn in Australia!



    1. Thank you Victoria. I love the gem like quality of autumn leaves too.
      Of course, you live in the clouds! Your beautiful magical mountain is as close to heaven as it gets :)

      Wishing you a safe, mild and kind summer season.


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