Sunday, 2 February 2014

Dog Days: February

The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him and the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog.
~ Senator George Graham Vest

If you have time, please go to the link I'll provide below to read (then lawyer) Vest's heartwarming, and rending, eulogy of the dog, in response to the sad shooting of a beautiful hound dog.
His speech delivered to the court at the trial of Old Drum, became known as, "one of the most enduring passages of purple prose in American courtroom history", and the most memorable tribute in modern history to dogs, reducing the jury and most of the court to tears.

Click here and scroll down to read his eulogy and more about the trial.

Interesting to note, this speech is the origin of the phrase known the world over...

"man's best friend is his dog".

If you are interested in learning more about the trial in full, you can read further, here.


  1. Oh, poor doggy :( I don't know if I would constitute that as "justice" for Old Drum in the grander sense of the meaning of that word. But I guess in the awfully small land of the law he gained justice.

    The picture that accompanies this post breaks my heart every time I see it.

    1. It is indeed sad. But, at least in his case, the death of dear Old Drum didn't go unheard of, and his killer/s didn't go unpunished. And, importantly, the public were made aware - for whatever its worth, no matter how small.

      If only there were harsher penalties for the abusers of sentient beings today. Especially for the likes of Michael Vick.... and I won't get started on him here :(

  2. i clicked on the via after i read the trial. oh v. these images and these words. i almost hold my breath when i read and see these.
    there is a homeless woman i've seen in our city. she has managed to rig a little dog house somehow on her three wheeled bike. alongside her is a small dog. i guess when he gets too tired she puts him in the house and they ride together.
    i've thought there is something wrong with me because i love dogs more than i do most people. but i do.
    i did a post on the evil michael vick once. he should have gotten life in prison for murder as far as i'm concerned. instead he's playing again making millions.
    like you... don't get me started.
    this was an endearing heartfelt post. thank you darling girl.
    have a restful sunday before you start again with your wonderful creations! XOXO. ... furever.

    1. There is no shame in that, dear Tam, I often feel the same. I have been let down and hurt by so many people in my life. But, NEVER my faithful, loyal dogs. Never.

      Touching visual about the homeless lady and her little dog. I can imagine the two of them on her bike. If I saw someone like her in my town, I would want to regularly donate a bag of dog food to help out.

      And, I remember your post about Vick. There is seriously something very wrong with a society that would consider accepting a man like him to play NFL again and be paid millions, after being convicted for his heinous actions.
      I am not so forgiving of any grown adult who should know better.

      It was a scorcher at the markets yesterday, so I'm thoroughly enjoying a day off today :)
      Furever ♥

  3. The man in the image looks familiar. I don't know him of course, but his facial structure looks very similar to someone I used to know many years ago. Same nose, same eyebrows.
    I read the eulogy, it's a lovely tribute to dogs everywhere. I'd have a dog if I have the space and funds to properly care for one.
    A small one, I'm not strong enough now to handle a large dog.

    1. They say that everyone has (at least) one double somewhere in the world, so it's not surprising that this man might look familiar.
      I feel awfully sad for him and his dog.

      If not a dog, then perhaps one of Gus' kittens? It is good to have a gentle companion.

    2. I'm hopeful, but haven't heard back from the cat owners yet.

    3. Don't give up hope, River. I'm sure it's meant to be. I'll hope for you too :)

  4. Just the image reached out and grabbed my heart.
    The story of what happened breaks it.
    Even though "justice" was served, no justice could bring back his dog.
    I consider myself a fairly kind and peaceful person
    but if someone intentional hurt or killed one of my loves...
    THEY would need to law to protect them.
    I once was asked if I'd choose one of my pets over a person, and I replied that it was a silly question and didn't answer. They posed this question to me again but in a different way. They asked if the house was burning down and my pets and my niece were inside, who would I save? I replied, "my niece, of course" and then this person got up from the table and left to go to the other room. At that point I looked at the few people still seated and and said "Thank god, he didn't ask me if it was him or my pets!" and then I laughed as the others just shook their heads.

    1. Many (perhaps, most) people find it hard to understand devotion to animals, especially to our own furry family members.
      When my beautiful Kody (a German Shepherd) died, I felt the loss for so long, I couldn't think about him without sobbing. His absence left such a hole in my heart.

      I know that I would risk my own life if there was a fire, and my Jack was trapped in the house - without question.
      I have even risked my life, and was almost hit by a truck, rescuing someone's puppy that had wandered onto a highway. He was lost, scared and circling. I couldn't just stand by the side of the road and watch him be hit by a car.
      We both came out of it alive and well, thankfully.

      I'm often told, "it's just a dog, you can always get another", when I happen to mention sadness over the loss of a dog. Ugh. With attitudes like those, it's no wonder I have little regard for such people.
      By welcoming them into our hearts and our homes, dogs never will be, "just" anything. They become members of the family.
      And, rightly so.

      In regards to Old Drum. It is so very terrible, what happened to him. And yes, even though justice was served and there was public recognition of his death, it didn't bring him back.
      But, what of the countless chilling things that happen to dogs throughout history and today that go unreported, unmentioned? None of these deaths have any justice or recognition of their abuse.
      In this case, someone did something about it. Yes, a farmer was compensated monetarily. But, at least, it went to court, and the public was made aware that it's not OK to do this.
      And, a rare (in a court environment) eulogy - often only reserved for people - was given for dogs everywhere.
      It helped elevate them to more important status. Especially in the eyes of the law and thus the public.

      Of course, sadly, crimes to animals continue. But, fighting for them and speaking out about the crimes committed to them is so important.
      More people are aware and report cruelty when they see it. And, often, as a result, many animals are spared certain death because of court cases that say, these crimes should not go unpunished.

      There is still so much to be done on their behalf.

      Thanks for your comment, Cynthia :)

  5. Oh, the heart runneth over... I'm almost lost for words... So glad you shared this, Vick... Crimes again animals just break the heart & spirit...:o/ ((LOVE & HUGS))

    1. Thank you Tracy. The image and the quote do touch the heart don't they?
      I hope Charlie is feeling better. Hugs to him, and to you :)

  6. I have always preferred the company of animals to the company of most people. You can trust an animal completely...within the perameters of their natural behavior...and they will never betray you. That photo broke my heart, as does the story of Old Drum, every time I read it. I have stolen animals from their abusive owners in the past and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. I used to call the authorities on the owners, but, usually, nothing much happened to the owners. So now, if I can, I steal (rescue?) the animal and find a home for it. People who knowingly abuse animals should be put down, humanely, but still put down ... because they will never change. It's been proven over and over again that people who abuse animals also abuse those humans who are weaker than they, usually women and children.


    I got a bit carried away, didn't I? I know you understand, dear friend.



    1. I heartily approve of rescuing poor animals from their suffering, Victoria. I would do the same.
      And, you didn't get carried away. You show your love and passion and empathy, which I so admire :)

      Love to Mrs. Rose when you see her next xx

  7. I love that this man fought for justice for his dog and never gave up. For all dogs. What a powerful eulogy. I have a "Grand-dog" who visits me along with his family. OMG I love that dog. He was rescued from an abusive situation and yet, his heart was still wide open for any family to love.

    1. Dogs have such a great capacity for devotion, when they truly know they are in a safe place. They know.
      I love that you have a "Grand-dog", and that he has found his home, and is loved dearly by all.
      Thank you Charlene :)


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