Monday, 9 September 2013

Moody Blues

My recent post titles seem to have a retro music flavour to them. I'll refrain (pun intended) from a Doors, Pink Floyd, Creedence or Zeppelin reference from now on... perhaps ;)

My early school reports always stated,

"Vicki is a daydreamer and often has her head in the clouds".

Well, I had my head in, and eyes on, the clouds on our walk - and drive - on the mountain yesterday morning. The sky was just too pretty to ignore.

Moody, broody and blue.

So, there I was, shooting into the sun again - even if it was hidden behind clouds :)

I love the giant shadows they cast upon the landscape.

And, a blue dog too.

Saturday's market update: the first market of the spring season went off to a pretty good start, considering people aren't yet in the pre-Christmas buying mode, which is more evident from mid-October onwards.
And, it remained cold but sunny. The predicted rain held off until ten minutes before pack up - when the heavens literally opened with a heavy, dark cloud burst.

Interesting to note that, although my lavender bags were a slow mover, I almost sold out of the lavender sachets/pillows and tags. So perhaps, along with my usual clay items, the sachets will be my focus from now on.

But then, the remaining bags may sell out at the next market and I get requests for more of them! Who knows? Nothing is certain in the world of markets.
Keeps me on my toes, that's for sure :)

Wishing everyone a wonderful week. Take care.


  1. oh...
    from one sky watcher to another... thank you!
    these are glorious.
    and to see little blue jack even though tiny... always a treat.
    so glad the market went well! all that hard work not for naught!
    odd to think as i write this that it's already tomorrow there... and summer is on your horizon.
    XOXO dear one.

    1. Thank you Tam. I know you love the sky too, and thought of you when I posted them :)

      You can click on the photos and they will open larger. Then, if you right click, hit "view image" and then click the magnifying glass with the +, it will be larger still. That way, you'll be able to see blue boy Jack a little clearer.

      Keeping thoughts of you close these days :)

  2. These are gorgeous - the sky is a never-ending delight. I love the magnolia, and mourn that cockatoos have now destroyed two here, and I have surrendered. I will plant other things, but merely admire other people's magnolias.

    I am so very glad that the market went well, and it is only going to keep getting better.

    1. Thanks so much EC. Yes, the naughty cockies decimate our michelia, so we only get a few fragrant white blossoms on the lower branches - where Jack can jump up to, as he keeps a wary eye on them.

      Yesterday, many people/customers were already talking about returning to our stall with Christmas presents in mind. So, hubby and I will be saying, "brace yourself" to each other soon :)

  3. Firstly, please don't ever refrain from Doors, Pink Floyd, Creedence or Zeppelin references... MUST have! ;o) BEAUTIFUL images, Vicki! So glad the market weekend went well! Everyone loves a lavender sachet. And with your pretty clay tag... So glad you sold so many--HOORAY! It's always a puzzler sometimes what sells, what doesn't... LOL! Hope the bags fly away next market. ;o) Enjoy those big skies... ((LOVE & HUGS))

    1. Haha! OK, I'll slip the odd retro reference in from time to time. Just listened to PF's Dark Side of the Moon earlier today... ah, memories of skateboarding on the street after dark, lol.

      I'll continue with the lavender goodies as I love making them now :)

      There's something fleeting and amorphous about clouds that captures my heart, reminding me that change is natural and inevitable.

  4. I love your beautiful cloudy skies and I really like that lamp too. I've never seen one like that and now I want one in my front garden.
    Maybe the bags will sell when people come looking for sachets and don't find any. I expect sachets are more popular because there is no chance they will accidentally open and spill.

    1. Thanks River.
      It is a really cool garden light isn't it? I'd love something like it too.

      I thought of the same thing this afternoon - that the sachets are less likely to open. Time will tell. It's interesting, seeing what sells well and what gets lukewarm reception.
      Onwards, ever onwards :)

    2. What heavenly photos, Vicki! We don't get puffy clouds often here so this is a visual treat. We have an ancient tulip magnolia, gnarly and gray branched so that photo made me go ahhh! And then to see sweet Jack! Ohhh!

      I keep hearing Van Morrison's Into the Mystic and Brown Eyed Girl. And some Leonard Cohen -- gets a little moody in the studio around the equinox!

      It sounds like you had a good market weekend. Merchants have a saying you need the 80% to sell the 20%. It appears you sold more than 20%. Closer to the holidays people will remember seeing your booth and will return to carry away your beautifully crafted artworks.

    3. Hi Charlene. Ancient magnolias have so much character in their gnarli-ness, and an air of, "something long ago".

      It does get a little moody around the equinox - especially autumn. So, enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and slowing down that accompanies it :)
      Here, the energies are shifting as the world is waking from winter's slumber.

      Yes, I think a lot of people were keeping certain stalls in mind for Christmas. It's going to get busier.

  5. Vicki, your sky photos are so beautiful! The photo of the green fields and fence reminds me so much of England - how lucky you are to live where you do!

    I'm glad you had a good market. Our big time for selling up here in the fall is the weekend of Thanksgiving. So many people come up from Orange County and Los Angeles to spend the holiday up here, and, thankfully, most of them are in a buying mood.

    Give that precious blue dog a hug for me!

    Blessings, Victoria

    1. Thank you Victoria :)

      Sounds like Thanksgiving is a pretty busy time. I imagine a lot of work goes into the preparations for this holiday. Celebrating in beautiful autumn.

      Jack is by my feet, so he's just about to get his hug from you :)


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