Sunday, 26 May 2013

Meet Casper

It was my birthday on Friday and in this, my fiftieth year, hubby decided to spoil me with a new bike.

A turquoise mountain bike with the model name CasperPro.
Seeing as how much I love all things paranormal, it’s seems fitting that I call him "Casper"!

My faithful old bike has seen better days and many muddy tracks and it was time for him to retire. 
We've already been out and about this weekend, and this is a sweet ride - much more comfy and better to handle, with more modern components - that's hubby speak for, "it's got good gears and crank set, brakes, rims and shocks. Much lighter. Goes well. You'll love it".

And... I do :)
Victoria has some amazingly good cycle paths and designated trails, and the degree of going ranges from easy-peasy to, "OMG, are you kidding me?" And everywhere in between.
And I mean everywhere.
Some days, you just feel like a quick, flat 10 km ride and on other days, when you feel like a heart starter, there are hilly trails and steep paths that will oblige.

However, I'm a sooky la-la, and opt out of even considering the huge hills and defiant inclines that taunt many a super fit cyclist. Even the names they have been given can send shivers down your spine. Names such as, The Wall and The Devil's Elbow. And they are just two of many well known "climbs" more suited for road bikes here.
Me, I'm just happy to ride 30kms on trails that offer a variety of flat terrain, some rocky forest paths and undulating hills, with the goal to ride further in the future on my list.
Hubby, on the other hand, has rugby player strong legs that can power him easily up some gruesome grinds - whether he's on his road bike or mountain bike.
And, regular 100km early morning rides are not unusual for him.
On those days, I'm still snuggled in bed with Jack snoozing happily by my side, heh heh. 

I have to say though, there's something pretty cool about setting out in dawn's darkness, as the world slowly awakens and hitting the trails before they become busier as the day progresses.

Or, watching the sun go down at the other end of the day and heading home for a well deserved dinner :) 

There are plenty of cycle-friendly places with lovely scenery. Some that even have little caf├ęs at the beginning, or end, of a ride. Joy :)

I really look forward to exploring more paths and trails on Casper. And, for the next few months, there'll be chilly mornings ahead. Brrr.


  1. Happy Birthday, Vicki, albeit a bit early. I love your new bike, both the color and the name!

    One of the not-so-great things about this usually great place I live in is there are practically no places to ride a bike. The roads are too narrow, so getting run over is a real possibility, and the terrain is mostly "OMG, are you kidding me?" to quote you. :)

    1. Thank you for your birthday wishes Victoria - and they are perfectly timed :)

      Haha, yes, from your wonderful photos, the terrain of your surrounds is definitely ruggedly beautiful and steep. Perhaps not being able to ride is a small price to pay for such breathtaking beauty.
      Wanna swap for a time? :D

  2. Happy birthday - and what a stunning present Casper is. I love your sunrise and sunset photos and that bike sculpture is great.
    Only 30 kilometres? I think that would take me a week. At least.

    1. Thank you EC. Yes, I was pretty excited about Casper.
      I love to take my camera whenever we're out and about. But there are times when hubby would dearly love to hide it away in a drawer somewhere so that our rides aren't punctuated with cries of, "hey, I'm just going to stop and take a photo of this, and this, and this". Haha. Poor man :)

  3. Happy Birthday wishes, Vicki!
    Casper looks splendid.
    And such lovely pics of your heavenly surroundings.
    Wish you many happy explorations together!

    1. Thank you so much jaihn.
      He's a great bike and I do look forward to exploring :)

  4. i got a bike for my 30th birthday. he forgot to tell me about the brakes. i wasn't used to them. i bailed right over the handlebars. LOL. after bandaids and a coca cola ... i made friends with mine.
    casper looks very spiffy and friendly to me. no going over the handlebars there!
    what a wonderful autumn time gift! major bear hugs to you darling gypsy girl of the wind! xo

    1. Haha! I've had my fair share of "get offs" in my time, but thankfully now (and touch wood) as I've been riding for years, they are very few and far between. Altho' I do like to go off paths onto rugged tracks, with slippery logs and gnarly tree roots :)
      Hugs to you across the miles xx


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