Monday, 25 March 2013

Blooming Beautiful

It’s Autumn here, in the Southern Hemisphere. And for lovers of all things green, that means it’s time for the

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2013!

For five days, Australia’s best horticultural and floral designers have the chance to showcase their talents to local and international visitors at this very popular, “hallmark” event.
Melbourne’s Carlton Gardens come alive with displays, music events, sculpture exhibitions and garden-related trade stalls.
Chosen leading garden designers and landscapers are put to the test to present concepts that will suit our hot summers and diverse climate.
And each year, the eagerly awaiting public are keen to view and choose their favourite show gardens, which range from contemporary to elaborate, whimsical, imaginative, inspirational and, achievable.

Even though hubby and I arrived fairly early, it was very difficult to take photos without capturing many faces in the crowd as everyone vied for the best vantage points.

So, now that I’ve caught your attention and hopefully piqued your curiosity, would you like to go on a tour past some of this year's display gardens and finish in the “Great Hall of Flowers” held in the grand old Royal Exhibition Building? Okay then, lets go! 

The morning sky sported great clouds of grey, though they weren’t enough to keep the crowds away.
 Before too long, an expanse of blue pushes through, and the sun shone for the rest of the day.

While great ochre emus and rusty roos keep company with the hungry hordes,

we feast our eyes upon the following…

From veggie "beds"

to garden rooms,

rustic sheds

and tropical afternoons.

Resident swamp hens wander

cultivated courtyards.


Sydney’s iconic opera House makes an appearance 

and a cobbled Melbourne backstreet gets a funky facelift.

This quintessential Aussie is a winner

and fire pits are a hit.

Rusted metal is the “in thing”.

Garden vendors advertise their wares in wonderful ways. From signage to sculptures and birdbaths to trendy hanging planters.

Phew! There’s so much more to see. Are you tired yet?

Cool grassy banks by the ornamental lake offers welcome spots to rest.

Let’s carry on then.

Lovers of Dr. Seuss might recognize the land of the Lorax – with the creature himself a-peeping among the Truffula Tree fruits and a-keeping a wary eye out for any potential greedy Once-lers.


A gallery of gardens, are finely framed...


And, while faceless flowery figures whisper intimately,

pretty people are painted publicly.
ooh la la

Inside, the stunning Exhibition Building (one of the world's oldest pavilions) with its divinely opulent interior, is host to fabulous floral displays by Victoria’s leading florists, up-and-coming floral designers and students.

The decadently decorated dome

That's a pretty hot outfit!
Carmen Miranda would've been envious

And so, we reach the end of our journey at the show. Weary yet inspired, it’s time to head home for a welcome cuppa and later, a saunter around the backyard or balcony - surely there’s an idea or two to spruce up even the tiniest of garden corners?
As every gardener knows, there's always room for "just one more plant".
Thanks for coming along :)

Happy gardening!




  1. Oh my. That looks a long, hot, tiring, WONDERFUL day. Thank you for taking me along (and I got to avoid the crowds as well).

    1. It was a lovely day. And, very thankfully this year, not too hot - I actually had layers on and was very comfy.
      And, because I was so focussed on getting photos for my blog, the crowds didn't seem to bother me that much at all.
      Very inspirational too - even hubby enjoyed it :D

  2. What a grand day out! Thank you so much taking along on the adventure, Vicki! This was so much fun to see, and very inspiring. I love garden shows. It is amazing how they create so many unique garden rooms, so many fanciful themes, and others very do-able... if one had the money, time, etc. ;o) I have to scroll back through the pics again... wonderful photos! Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

    1. Yes, there are SO many photos to show! And that wasn't even all of the displays, haha! So much to see.
      Plenty to get the creative gardening juices flowing - especially now, as it is cooling down.

      I'm more of a "less structured" girl and tend to create more rambling, less linear, gardens. But it was cool to see what is out there.

      It was a fun day :)

  3. Oh, what fun! Love all the sculptural and architectural elements, the elegance and whimsy. It must have delighted your gardener's heart. So much to absorb in one day. It's exciting to see all the different styles of gardening, too. However limited my backyard space there is, as you say, always room for one more plant.

    Thank you for your kind words on your previous post. I love seeing your sculptural work, too. Your faces have such soulful expressions. The lizard is wonderful with such nice details. There is a well-known pottery (artist couple) north of San Francisco,, that places lizards, sea creatures, etc on jars, teapots, etc. Your lizard and bowl reminds me of their work. Check it out!

  4. I know Charlene, it's hard to not make even just a little room for new additions to the garden. It's almost an addiction, lol.

    I checked the link, wow, such lovely pieces! And their glazes are beautiful - very complimentary to their work.
    I especially love the Koi Fish Bowl :)

  5. i think victoria australia must be the perfect place to live. it's ALL there! such beauty. and history. and architecture. i am just mesmerized. i found myself sitting here and almost hearing the birds and the people and my own footsteps! that's how real you made this visit. i'm like tracy! i'm going back now!
    isn't it odd? the rusty sculptures are all the rage here too . . . at any art or garden show. and i have to say . . .
    though i usually really like the forms and find them beautiful . . . the rustiness of them dark and orange . . . well
    in our 100+ heat in the summer for weeks on end ~ i just find them HOT looking and miserable! i want to help them and move them to the shade!
    thanks for a beautiful tour. i loved it. xo

    1. I really do like the look of rusted metal - always have. Used to collect little broken bits and pieces as a child - I had pockets full of stones and rusty metal, lol.
      I find it interesting though, that these days, it is trendy, read - expensive.
      I think people are harking back to "the good old days" and items that look like they came from a era gone by. Even new metals are getting the "rusted effects" finish... at a cost.

      Yes, Victoria is a beautiful place. Full of interesting buildings and places from fine architecture to funky, characterful abodes. Has a good vibe, mostly. I love it.

      Glad you came along on this wee journey :)

  6. Vicki, thank you for leaving a comment on my lead me to your wonderful blog! I've spent an enjoyable hour wandering through it. You live in such a beautiful, magical place. On a mountain and in a forest, like me, but so very different! If I looked out my window and saw such wondrously beautiful birds as you have where you live I'd probably think I'd died and gone to paradise. Thank you for putting me on your blog roll; I've added you to mine now.



    1. Hello Victoria,
      so lovely to see you here! I think we're both blessed to be living in such amazingly diverse places.

      I look forward to the magical happenings on your breathtaking mountain while experiencing the seasons on the opposite side of the wheel. You post such beautiful photos too.

      Thanks so much for dropping by :)

  7. Thanks so much for the tour, I could spend hours there, love the modern vignettes and the rusty metal and the variegated foliage scenes. I used to go to the SF Flower and Garden show every year, ah memories.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Linda :)
      I enjoy seeing what the designers come up with. Even though I'm a less-structured, rambling garden lover myself, it's a great day out and there's always a few surprises.


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