Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Stolen Moments

January has hardly touched down, before very soon having to take off again. Where is time flying to? I want to find out and go steal some of it back!

In my little corner, on the summer side of the world, I’ve been clay-making and preparing for my first market of the year.
Clocks, incense holders, little vases, many pendants and brooches keeping my mind ticking, hands busy and heart happy.

 The kiln is loaded, unloaded and loaded again.

Back to back bisque/glaze/bisque/glaze.

From raw matte earthenware to multi-hued glossiness.

a small selection

Soon, the final touches, putting everything together.
Nearly ready, a few more days to go.

During time out, I like to sit on our little front balcony and just be still. 
Look. Listen.
The sights and sounds of the forest mingle with the distant hum of everyday life.

A train rumbling, clickety-clack, carrying passengers to their destinations. Cars going hither and thither, their drivers have a sense of purpose, a reason for going. A dog barks down the way, sending out a call to his canine brothers and sisters in the neighbourhood. Some respond, some merely raise their heads, then return to their doggie dream world.

From my old wooden bench, birds of all colours and sizes whizz by, chattering as they go. They come to investigate and stay awhile, watching me.

They also like to sit upon the gargoyle perched high in one corner. He sits in stony silence, surveying the land.

My blue shadow, takes turns with the gargoyle to guard his domain.


Tall Eucalypts tower overhead. Heavily scented oils release from long, grey-green leaves in the warm morning air. Essences blend with the smell of dew damp earth.

In the morning, the sun captures the foliage, casting lively filigree patterns that dance on the wall.

And, the breeze plays with the leaves, chimes and flags.
I close my eyes.
Let my senses absorb.
Movement, flutterings and sounds. Changing, depending on the intensity of the wind’s breath.

Sometimes, the kookaburras will come down from the lofty tree tops and keep me company.
Laugh, kookaburra, laugh.

Micro moments in time. Pure energy all around.

With my senses recharged, I’m ready to continue my day.


  1. oh my goodness.
    you live in a forest. a wondrous forest!
    i could almost hear the birds and feel the sun and the summer air.
    i feel like i have gotten to pay you a visit.
    thank you dear friend.
    hug my beautiful blue boy. i'm so glad you included a picture of him too.
    my darling little jack.
    major bear hugs to you gypsy girl.
    i love seeing how you work your art! and where. i love it!

    1. Hope you could view the videos and hear the kookaburras too :)
      It is a lovely place to chill out and tap into nature.

      Hugs from over here to over there xx

  2. Hi, Vicki! WOW... you've been busy, gloriously busy! LOVE your clay wonders! (Funnily enough I've been making decorative polymer clay hearts. :o) LOVE your incense holders! Will you be having any of those in your Etsy shop? I would buy one! LOVE that aqua blue glaze...*swoon*... Well, all your rich glazes are wonderful. You work inspired me. :o) Such fun to see the bird and gargoyle... And, of course, sweet Jack. Thank you for the videos too--what a treat. Wishing you the best, happy creative days, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

    1. Hey Tracy, hearts too eh? Great minds :) Would love to see what you are creating in your studio too. Hearts for Valentines Day?
      I'm hoping to re-stock my Etsy shop soon. I will also be making more incense holders, they're pretty popular at markets.

      Glad to know the videos work - had a little trouble getting them up, as adobe and thus YouTube, kept crashing on me. But I persisted :)

      Hope you have a great rest of the week into the weekend. May your muse give you loads of creative inspiration!

  3. Oh this is a beautiful post, brought tear to my eyes just listening to the wind blowing through the eucalyptus leaves, and seeing the maple leaves, reminds me of one I had growing in the forest years ago where I lived. I had heard the kookaburra before on television but never knew that was a kookaburra I was hearing. What a faithful dog Jack is, nature gives us a wonderful recharge without asking for much in return, perhaps nature is recharged by feeling the love of those who observe and relish within her.

    1. Hi Linda. The kookaburras do have such a unique song don't they? Quintessentially Aussie!

      Nature sure does recharge us. So lovely to be able to tap into her energies. As you well know, you live in such a beautiful environment too. Water is one of the best energisers there is, soothes the eyes :)

  4. darn!
    now that i know tracy can see the videos i know it's not a glitch between here and there - it's something in my own computer. i haven't been able to view anybody's else's on their blogs either - like content in a cottage.
    i'll have the marine check it out. i'm sure it has something to do with adobe of course on my end. can't wait to hear your kookaburras! maybe i'll have to google them beforehand. now i want to hear them really bad! LOL.
    hope you show pictures at your first market. i loved seeing the last one!

    1. Hi Tam, so sorry you can't view the videos - I thought of you especially when I put up the kookas :)
      Perhaps you can try viewing them at my YouTube channel - where you saw the young magpie.

      Hope to remember my camera on Saturday. We leave at 4:45AM to get there by 6am and stall has to be set up by 7am. I'll be bleary eyed, so better write a note to remember it!

      Bear hugs to you xx

  5. Such a wonderful post. I love the way you are molding such a beautiful reality for people through your words. Beautiful!

    1. Hi Kim, thank you so much :)
      I am passionate about the things I experience and love to share them as best I can.
      Thank goodness for digital cameras! :)

  6. Lovely to see and hear your rich Sunny surroundings. And your creativity, and your creature friends.
    Beauty-full, altogether!

    1. Thank you jaihn. It is a wonderful environment to create in for sure :)
      Say "hi" to Snippy and friends for me xx

  7. I love these crafty pictures. Your attention to detail is so amazing.

    1. Thanks Kim. Working with clay is so rewarding and never boring - so many avenues to explore.
      Have a wonderful weekend :)

  8. Vicki!
    I finally got to hear the first video on this post! the chimes and breeze sounds were just perfect. I felt that I was there. calming and magical. just listening to it. I can't imagine having it only a few steps away. beautiful.

    the other computer crashed again. and rather than spend more money on it ... it worked about 24 hrs after the last 'fix' ~ I just bought a new one (typing on it here) with some of the house money. very convenient! I never usually have that kind of moolah to spend at leisure!
    I don't have my email set yet. but I came here to see my beloved jack again and to see if I could get to open the video with this new computer and it did! I was thrilled. never could before for some reason. anyhow... sorry to write so much here.
    i'll email you as soon as I get it going. xo tam

    1. Hey Tam! Feel free to write as long as you want in these comments... and that is from one "lengthy writer" to another :D
      It's always lovely to see you here. So glad you have a new computer to stay connected with blogland.

      It's my favourite place out of the whole house, that balcony.
      Today, is very still and sunny, but last night there was a cool breeze and, as our bedroom leads out to the balcony, I went to sleep listening to the chimes play a lovely tune. So nice :)


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