Sunday, 6 January 2013

Ringing in the new


⋰⋱⋰⋱ Happy 2013 everyone!⋰⋱⋰⋱

Sorry for the tardy well wishing on my part. I feel as though I’ve been away from this blog for ages, yet it’s only been 13 days!
The time between Christmas and New Year sped by in a blur, leaving me shaking my head at how fast time flies by on whisper quiet wings, creating new memories of recently past events.

It has been bitter-sweet in my little part of the world. Some sad news from a dear friend, countered with happy events, have had me carried away on waves of varying emotions.

I’ve spent some much needed, quality, precious time with hubby.  Each day was ours to plan and spend together. No work, no markets, no commitments.
Relaxed. Calm. Enjoyable. 
And, just a few days ago, we celebrated (quietly) our 25th wedding anniversary.

A quarter of a century. Imagine!
Boy, we’ve had our ups and downs. Thankfully, mostly ups. It’s been a helluva ride, but one I wouldn’t swap for quids. Some things were just meant to be, know what I mean?
Love you heaps, Tim. Let’s see what future journeys this weathered, yet still strong and sound, cart takes us on.

maybe not silver, but it is sweet :)

We’ve also had some great catch up time with our son. Going for long drives, watching DVDs, walks, coffees, good conversations and just chillin’ on the couch. It’s been so nice. 
When he is busy with Uni, studies, friends and his band, it seems he’s like a resident ghost around home. A glimpse here and there. A meal after a last class before heading out to one of his gigs – he’s a drummer. Days when he’s not home at all. Then, a quick appearance from somewhere, before an equally sudden disappearance to elsewhere.

Just as it should be, for he’s an independent lad now and has his own life. But, it is lovely when we can all be together without distractions for longer than half an hour.
Even Jack loves it when “his clan” are all in the same room. He seems more content.
Usually, during the work/school year, he spends the late afternoons lying sphinx-like by the front window, waiting for the boys to come home.


So, it’s been a treasured time.

I’m hoping this will be a good year. Not that 2012 wasn’t. There was much to be thankful for. But, in our household, we had serious health scares, hindering hitches and frustrating glitches. General life stuff.

I don’t tend to make New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I don’t like to disappoint myself when I don’t hold up my end of a bargain with the Universe ;)

Each year inevitably has its share of good and bad. Yin and Yang. Light and Dark.
Life is uncertain. Change is natural. 

All I ask (hope) for is the strength of mind to accept, and the ability to handle, whatever comes my way. 
To be open to any possibilities that might present themselves and learn from experiences and challenges - they happen for a reason. 
To always be grateful for where I am and what I have. 
To accept with grace, good humour, calm and patience, whatever the Universe dishes out - for a Gemini who can be a whirling dervish at times, this is always a challenge :) 

And, on the good advice of dear old Henry David Thoreau, I would like to be able to continue to…

Over the past few years, I have been so inspired by people who have amazing, creative, beautiful, thought provoking, heartwarming blogs.
Some of you, I am now honoured to call friends, and my life is richer for knowing you – especially one in particular, who is like the sister I never had.
I don’t like to say “cyber” friends. The word cyber, from the term “cyborg” or “cybernetic organism”, makes me think of robots. And I know that you wonderful bloggers are far from that. You are living, breathing real people with real lives having real experiences. Relatable. 

So dear readers, here’s to a bright new year! 
Here's to taking all the new experiences, challenges, the highs and the lows and weaving them as we go, into the tapestries of our lives, creating luscious textures and intricate patterns – all perfectly imperfect, but beautiful all the same. As we all are.

I wish you all a healthy and spiritually prosperous 2013, filled with good energies, much happiness, love, laughter, renewed dreams, aspirations, and safe journeys.

Looking back, there seems to be a theme of hearts, light and rainbows here. Hmmmm.
Here's one more for you...


  1. Lovely to have you back blogging again. I am also very happy that on balance your time away was positive. Happy New Year to you and yours.

    1. Thank you EC. Looking forward to a year of interesting blog posts :)
      I hope your lovely garden is holding up OK in the heat. And you?
      Here's to hopefully a not too relentless summer.
      I watch youngsters running around and riding their bikes in the high heat and admire their fortitude - kids don't seem to feel the heat at all.
      Wonder when that all changes...

  2. Ahhhh, I'm married to a drummer as well, for 28 years now, met in college. Last year when our daughter came home from college for the holidays she was much like your son, she was in a band, had a boyfriend and we rarely saw her. This year, she is mending some wounds and hasn't left the house. I don't know which is worse:)
    I love your goals for the new year, we are all just weaving our journey through life, aren't we? I hope your journey this year is wonderful!!
    Ps: also love the photo of your dog!

    1. Hi Tracey,
      living with a drummer has certainly been very cool and interesting. At times, the rhythmic beat has been almost hypnotic. Although, we've lived in houses where the walls were paper thin and sound was amplified. Not happy neighbours :)

      I love that you are actually physically weaving! Looking forward to your textural creations.
      I sometimes wonder what the tapestries from everyone's lives would look like.

      Here's to creative journeys :)

  3. This is the most inspiring New Years wish I've read. It gives me pause...perhaps your timing is part of it, not having a lot of fireworks and hoopla around, but I do appreciate your choices of thoughts to share. May your 2013 also bear fruit of the seeds which you've planted just by being yourself.

    1. Thanks Barb. I seem to have less expectations each year. Just allowing the flow to happen as best I can and hoping all turns out alright at the other end of the year - fingers crossed :)
      Wishing you also a wonderfully well and creatively beautiful year!

  4. oh good grief my charlie brown.
    this post was worth waiting for. and i'm going to visit it often throughout this year.
    i loved every single word.
    and to see little jack lying looking out that window ~ tail ever ready to begin wildly wagging when he sees his boys...
    well. it just doesn't get much better than that.
    and as to the heat...
    i don't know when it changes but it does! i use to lie there and bake in it like a thin brown bean.
    now i scurry from shade to shade like a sweating lady bug. i don't know. do lady bugs sweat?
    or maybe they perspire? or maybe since they're 'ladies' they simply "glow." LOLOL!
    my love and major COOL bear hugs to you,
    give jack a piece of ice and tell him it's from me. he'll know.

    1. Dear Tam.
      I've never been able to tan. My far-too-fair skin doesn't suit this hot Australian sun. I think I landed in the wrong country when I was born :D
      I tend to be very drawn to Scotland and England - especially during our summer!
      We're all on 'high alert' over here as heatwaves are predicted and the fire risk is very high. And with the HUGE trees surrounding our house, it is always a concern.
      Tasmania is already experiencing dreadful bushfires.

      Tall glasses of water with ice are the order of the day every day now. And yes, Jack gets cubes in his water too - he thinks they are fish, until they melt away :)
      He loves fish and has a fixation on ponds.

      Thanks for the cool hugs - much needed. Just dropped a couple of cubes in Jack's bowl from you :)

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Vicki! So happy to have you back here and sharing. So glad your time away was sweet. And Happy Anniversary belated, 25! LOVE the images here today of your capturing. Celebrating quiet joys. The Thoreau quote is much on my mind these days. :o) All the best to you & yours, dear friend... and cuddles to Jack! ((LOVE & HUGS))

    1. Thanks Tracy! Here's to a productive and inspiring year.
      Stay well dear girl, as you plan your creative ventures. And, remember to always - go confidently...
      :D xx

  6. Happy New Year, Vicki. Beautiful and balancing post. Here's my wish for you...a year filled with little dragons and foo dogs....those rascals who dance in our path and make us laugh into tears......

    1. Thanks Charlene, I would be delighted to have the protection of little dragons and foo dogs! I would be in very good company indeed :)

  7. Love the photo of Jack waiting, so wonderful and peaceful.

    1. Hi Linda. Yes, for a 'bluey', he has a lot of patience and stillness :)


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