Sunday, 23 December 2012

The end of the year and...

... the end of the world. Apparently.

Well, the last of Christmas markets for me this year has come and gone. We really were blessed with fine, balmy weather and good attendances for all of them.

I like the end-of-year markets. Everyone is usually in fine spirits and in full anticipation of a “good day”. And, I always get to meet some wonderful people - stall holders and customers. I am always impressed with the high standard of quality artwork created by the artists - especially at the charming Makers Markets in the Abbotsford Convent.

During the 19th and early 20th century, the sixteen acre site at Abbotsford was occupied by one of the largest convents in Victoria, and provided refuge, accommodation, schooling and work for vulnerable women and female orphans. Today, the grounds and historic buildings encompass a lively arts and cultural community.
The vibe at the convent is fabulous and I feel very fortunate to be able to attend these markets.

Once my stall was set up, I took a ramble around the grounds to snap a few pics before the crowds arrived.

Ahhh, the sun's finally out and shining on a pretty day


All set up nice and early, only two things missing, price tags/labels and… customers!

I had enough pieces in reserve kept within the suitcase to keep my stall topped up until the late afternoon. By the end, nearly everything was sold. I am so grateful to my customers. Many whose faces are familiar from last Christmas, and they in turn were happy to see me and buy more ornaments to add to their collection. Even one lovely girl brought a photo to show me of her huge tree, named ‘Doug’ (a beautiful Douglas Fir), with last years ornaments adorning him!
Clocks, jewellery and magnets were also popular purchases throughout the day. 

The day ended with many “Merry Christmas” call-outs to each other as, tired but happy, we stallholders dismantled and carried our assorted displays to our cars.

I think this fine fellow silently spoke for us all as he sat, weary and worn, waiting for his ride home.

Some of you will remember my post about the magical lake at the bottom of the Alfred Nicholas Gardens in Sherbrooke Forest and, the little boathouse tucked secretly away at the end of the lake... weekend-walks

So, of course, my eye was immediately drawn to the market stall opposite mine. There, sitting among other beautifully rendered photos, was a delightful image of the little boathouse.

When it rains, or when heavy, fat dew drops fall from ferny fronds, the serene lake is shattered by thousands of tiny sparkling diamonds dancing upon the surface.
Here in front of me, captured forever, was such a moment. A magical moment indeed.

Image with kind permission from Carly Elizabeth
I was very pleased to meet Carly Elizabeth. A Melbourne based photographer with a true artist's eye for creating abstract and landscape artworks through her camera lens.
Carly Elizabeth's clever seaside, urban and country perspectives are unique, eye-catching and endearing.
Her premium quality prints and cards are limited editions and are very well worth the investment. 

I was tempted to, and did, buy these lovely cards. How could I resist the one in the middle?

I was also taken with this unusual little wispy Christmas tree - a trick of the light, a sleight of hand, a very clever effect.


I like Carly Elizabeth’s blog post and ethic on “shop for the story, not the sale” found here - shop for the story

It is lovely to get a little background on items you buy direct from the artist. To take the time to pause and engage in friendly banter and hear an often charming tale about your chosen piece. 

Carly Elizabeth has created this on-line sign for people to use when encouraging others to buy hand-made...

You can see more of Carly Elizabeth's stunning photography at
As for the wee boathouse? This is a great opportunity to purchase a little piece of the magic while the prints and cards are still available. You won't be disappointed.

And so, the work/school/market year comes to a close. And as the dark sky fell over the city on 21/12/2012, my boys and I spent the night at the movies.

Here's to a (hopefully) bright beginning at the end of the world for us all. Cheers!



  1. oh my gosh v!
    it says you wrote this post at 2:45 am!
    when do you sleep? you're a dynamo!
    i'm so thrilled that your market went well for you with everything sold. i love the way you did your stall with the little tree and the old suitcase. charming. simple and elegant.
    you must be exhausted. good thing you keep christmas at home simple. i don't see how you'd get ready for both the market and it too.
    enjoy your warm 'summer' days! now! lol.
    i can picture you walking in that beautiful park.
    love and xo and nose kisses for my wee blue jack.

    1. Thanks Tam. It's a very basic stall set-up which I hope to improve on as time goes by with more interesting artwork to sell and a better display - I used what I had at home for props.
      I really want to see how things would go at markets for a while before I create a new look :)

      I used to be a real night owl for many years. Existing very well on just a few hours sleep and still had loads of energy during the day!
      Now, even tho' I still love the quiet of the dark world around me as everyone sleeps, I find it more difficult to sustain the day on just a couple of hours shut-eye :)

      It's heating up here now - it's going to be 102.2°F today... ewwwww. Jack's laying on the kitchen tiles already.

      Hugs to you dear. xx

  2. Those markets looked truly amazing - and hand-made is always sooooo much better. That card in the middle? Incredibly beautiful. I would also have weakened - despite my promise that I am buying NOTHING more this year.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Yes, it's lovely buying handmade directly from the artisan - the personal touch.

      Hope your Christmas is not too hot. Looks like we'll have a mild day - only 22°, thankfully. Not 39°, like today, yuck.

      Wishing you a wonderful bush Christmas :)

  3. So very glad you such good success and sales with your art at the fairs this year, Vicki! Your table/set up looks wonderful! Carly's photos and cards are gorgeous! Love the wispy "light" tree! Beautiful building... and interesting history lesson. So glad the world didn't end so I could see all this! :o) Happy Days, my friend. Thank you for the gift of your friendship! Wishing you & yours days merry & bright and much JOY in 2013! ((HUGS))

  4. Warm festive wishes to you too Tracy!

    May 2013 be a wonderfully creative year with much success and new opportunities for you :) xx


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