Monday, 5 November 2012

Sunday drive around the mountain

It was a beautiful, bright, spring fresh morning, so hubby and I decided a leisurely drive around the mountain with wee Jack was just the tonic. 
We love to bundle into the car and drive, seeing where the road takes us - that's the gypsy in us I guess :)

First, a walk around our favourite gardens, then with a take-away coffee in hand, we headed out, meandering along the many roads and lanes.

I enjoy all things quirky, funky, beautiful and unusual - and there are many places on our travels that reflect them. Here are some snapshots from our morning out and about...

From shimmery, sun-shiny, iridescent lime greens... cool, damp, mossy, dark grotto and ponds just off the path, slightly hidden - almost unseen

 The paths we walk are patterned with filigrees of dark and light

The roads we travel are lined with trees showing off their billowy bright new spring dresses...

... and tall, silent sentinels guarding the forests deep behind them

Frequent stops, present photo ops...

pretty lanterns light the way

and stunning views, to places far away

Little eateries, from funky to charming to freaky

gives a new meaning to wine and spirits on the menu!

Quaint little buildings that capture my eye

there's just something that I love about a red door

Then I spy,

  the dilapidated


 and, abandoned

There are churches of stone, nestled in peaceful surrounds,

 did I mention I love red doors? :)

and some 'converted', amid lush wooded grounds

Blooms abound all around...

 vibrant viburnums

 clambering clematis

 radiant rhododendrons

 magnificent magnolias

 heady, intoxicating jasmine

charming Crepuscule roses

  ...and curly ferns unfurl 
fine, fragile fronds

And ever always, a dear travelling companion is ready to head home when it's time to go

so, if I make with the puppy dog eyes, do I get a biscuit?

I hope you too enjoyed a sojourn around the mountain. There will be more roads to travel and sights to see... and, you're always welcome along.


  1. oh my god vicki.
    do you know how lucky you are!!! yes. i know you do.
    it's like each picture beat the last one out to ooh and aah over. i love the tiny church that looks like a castle. with the red 'welcome' door! i just loved them all. so very beautiful.
    and the best picture for last. my smilin' jack.
    i'd have him so chubby-full of biscuits it would be bad!!! that adorable face. he's my
    little love.
    he just simply makes my day.
    i think he should be in every single post. LOL.
    seriously. hint hint. (bossy nellie)
    spring has arrived in australia!!!! yayyy!
    i truly almost feel like i've been on a trip.
    and i needed one. LOL. thanks for the ride.
    gonna hit the hay now.
    it's really not 9pm. in my head it's 10.
    we had to change our clocks last night.
    til soon.

    1. Yes, I am very grateful to live in such a beautiful place. Sometimes, I catch my breath, as if I'm seeing it all for the first time.

      I will try to sneak Jack in as much as I can - he is a star!

  2. Wonder-Full pics, and a Splendid Tour of the Springy Flipside! Thank you, Vicki! xxxj

    1. You're very welcome Jaihn! And I'm enjoying your perspective in the quieter, chilled time of the year in the north :) xx

  3. This was a gorgeous tour, and I kept on scrolling to more of your wonderful photos. The commentary was enjoyable too! Many thanks for letting me share with you...definitely a heart-warming tour from our other side of the seasons here.
    Oh, I'm so sorry you have word verification up, since I can't see those crazy letters and number very I won't be able to comment again here. I'll try this time.

    1. Hi Barbara, so lovely to have you stop by! Glad you enjoyed the drive :)

      Yes, I dislike those captcha's too. I've been thinking of removing it from my blog - they are annoying, time consuming and often unreadable. And, if it'll get you commenting here more, well... :D

      I'll remove it and monitor the spam and if it's not too much, I'll leave it off.

      BTW, love your blog, I'd like to add you to my blog roll if I may. And, I am in love with that antique green glaze on the two jugs... beautiful!

  4. Oooo...this was wonderful, Vicki! I loved seeing all the flora & fauna, and the architectural details and textures! That aqua blue-painted eatery--LOVE that color. I don't think hubby will go for that as a living room paint choice for us though. ;o) Ah, well... The Psychic Dinner is fun! It's amazing to see spring in full glory there, as nearly all the tree are bare here. Wonders of the world. And Jack... Jack... we can't get enough of this boy! ;o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

    1. Yes, I really like that aqua too Tracy. It's a funky little pizza bar - they make the best veg pizzas!
      And I like the quirky idea of a psychic dinner too :)

      Perhaps a large canvas painted in lovely aqua tones in your home - created by your wonderfully talented self :)
      Oooh and I saw you have a new post up - your studio! It's truly lovely.

      Jack sends a hello :) xx

  5. Beautiful! You saved the best for last, too.

    1. Thank you Charlene. And, yes, I couldn't resist adding a pic of Jack at the end! That face :)

  6. had to come back and take another drive with you.
    i didn't even notice before but the name of the little tea room . . . miss marple's! one of my favorite characters of agatha's.
    i think you have a new profession if you wanted one ~ photography! you are SO good!
    these are really just breathtaking.
    and to end it with jack's little face looking up at us. well. nigh on to perfect!

    1. Awww Tam, you really are too kind to me :)

      A kiss from Jack x

  7. Thank you for a taste of antipodean spring!

    1. Thanks Tricia Rose :) Greetings to you in your beautiful cabin.


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