Sunday, 7 October 2012

Weekend Walks

Spring has sprung and cast her vibrant green hues over the landscape. And today, I’d like to share with you some photos of our local scenic delight – the Alfred Nicholas Gardens.

  How lovely is this entrance?

This once private estate is now thankfully, open to the public and has become our favourite walk every weekend.

Situated in lush natural forest, the gardens range from wild, stunning deep green fern gullies with streams that are cool and damp all year round, to secret nooks with fishponds, to expanses of lawns dotted with majestic native and deciduous trees.

With 13 wonderful acres to explore, we never get tired of seeing it in all seasons. From the magical russet red/gold palette of autumn, the dark emerald cooling shade in summer, the cold, crisp beauty of winter and the verdant greens in spring.

As we walk along the many linking paths, we are surrounded by sentinels of mighty Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus Regnans), their 100 metre tall canopies towering overhead. Truly impressive!

The more cultivated parts of the gardens have many beautiful exotic trees and shrubs including, rhododendrons, azaleas, viburnums, magnolias, ginkgoes, cherries, elms, maples, oaks and liquidambars.

And, what I love most is the secret surprise - a truly lovely picturesque lake with waterfall and Japanese inspired bridges linking to a sweet little grassed island.

Tucked away at the end of the lake is a quaint little iconic boathouse. Reflected in the serene waters, it is one of the most photographed buildings in Victoria.

We always like to get there super early in the morning and have this enchanting realm “all to ourselves”… just for a wee while.

At any time of the year, it's like a little magical wonderland.

 And look who found a ball!
Left for him by the park fairies :)


  1. Vicki...

    What a beautiful place!!! Great panoramic photo too. Webster is happy for Jack. Finding a ball is always nice.

    xo, Rosemary

    1. Jack thinks it's Christmas when he finds a ball!

      I'm so grateful for panorama shots - they can fill a frame with more loveliness :)

      Hugs to Webster.

  2. oh vicki.
    there are just no words left other than your perfect ones.
    i will visit this post over and over.
    i'm so glad jack gets to go with you!
    walk there for me too.
    my trail has only the beauty i make in my mind.
    yours must just renew your soul each day!
    lovin' you in oz,

    1. Yes, I'm so glad Jack can come too. Luckily most parks allow dogs over here.

      He loves this place - I think its good for our souls too.

      I promise to mentally beam the sights, smells and sounds to you next weekend Tam.
      Hugs :)

  3. If I had that near my home I think I would never leave!!

    1. ha ha! Yep, it is hard to leave:)

      I often imagine it being 'my place' and the little boathouse is my studio. I imagine looking out of the window onto the still waters and gardens as I work - a lovely brief daydream!

  4. Oh! Exquisite photos of a place I might never leave if I entered through that splendid portal! Very lovely - thank you for showing this treasure.
    And for your kind words over at truly spacious.

    1. It is like a portal! Leaving the 'mundane' world and its cares behind is easy to do here. It really does have a magical quality - feels as though little eyes are watching from behind the threes and within the ferny fronds.

      And, your art is lovely Jaihn. Wonderful, stitchery goodness :)

  5. Dazzling beauty and gifts from woodland fairies--a perfect weekend! Love this place... So glad you too us along, Vicki. It's amazing to see spring unfolding there, as trees change their coats into autumn glory here. :o) Happy Week!

  6. I know! It feels a little topsy turvy seeing everyone's posts on autumn :)

    I do love autumn - my favourite season - and through lovely blogs like yours, I'll be able to catch a little fall magic from afar :)

  7. that is amazing. i love these photos. it's looks like a dream.

    1. When we go there, we step off a gravel path, past some thick shrubbery, down some lovely old weathered steps into what seems like a movie set!
      It's always changing with the seasons and has such a magical quality. It is dreamlike :)


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