Monday, 24 September 2012

The Mark of a Dog

I love dogs. All of 'em! I have had the pleasure of living with pure and mixed breeds throughout the years and they've been an absolute joy in my life.

I enjoy "dog watching". Knowing the different breeds and identifying them whenever I'm out and about. They have their own characteristics particular to each breed.

Ever since my Australian Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler, Jack, bounded into my life eleven years ago, I began noticing a particular little white blaze on the forehead of all cattle dogs in about the same place as his own and that they all differ in shape and size. Sort of like their own fingerprint.

It is called the "Bentley Mark".

Mr. Tom Bentley owned one of the original heelers. A beautiful, strong dog and incredible worker. He was only known as "Bentley's dog" and his progeny were widely sought after.
His attributes became the standard. And, the peculiar little white mark on his forehead threw to all of his puppies and is forever referred to as the Bentley Mark.

I once heard a charming myth that a little white mark on a dog's forehead is due to the fur colour in that area being worn off from all the kisses they get. Awww, so sweet.

Here is Jack's Bentley Mark. I can tell you dear reader, that it is the perfect spot to land my kisses on.

And I do that often :)


  1. kissing that bentley mark on that beloved jack's head right now!
    i'd never heard about that. so interesting!
    i'll watch for it now. and . . .
    i've also heard the austalian blue heeler is one of the most intelligent breeds in the world!

  2. They're smart alright! Incredibly so. And protective and loyal.
    He's a wonderful friend :)

  3. Webster gets no fewer than 100 kisses per day!

  4. ha ha! We do love our pups :)

  5. Hi, Vicki! LOVELY to find you here at last and "meet" you more! Your comments at my blog had email attached by usually not your blog link, but finally got your link! I appreciate your visits to my blog very much. And happy to be here, and see your beauty of boy, Jack... His coat is glorious! :o) Happy Days((HUGS))

  6. Hi Tracy! Thanks for your sweet comments.
    Yes, Jack has an unusual coat - very blue. And soft and snuggly.

    Love your blog and your photos are beautiful :)

  7. That is indeed a perfect spot for kisses! Atlas gets more than a few there as well. I also like the hollow in his cheek.

    Jack is a blue beauty.

  8. :) Don't you just love those favourite spots?
    I'm so glad our pups take our numerous kisses throughout the day so well!


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